Friday, May 20, 2011

Why Invest in a Patek Phillipe Luxury Watch?

Patek Phillipe Watches are highly coveted by collectors and bring in the most money at Auction Houses. As to the exceptional craftsmanship and extreme longevity, one only has to glance at the results of this years Sotheby's Geneva Sale of Important Watches where an extremely rare ,circa 1960, Patek Phillipe Chronograph sold for $815,637. No one can deny the investment attributes of this timepiece.

The more complications incorporated in a single timepiece will have exponential effects on the resale value of the timepiece. This particular timepiece has
a Perpetual Calander, which is one of the most difficult complications to master; requires the most components and is the most time consuming to craft.
The perpetual calender complication is not as eye catching as a tourbillon or as playful as a sonnerie or as insistent as a minute repeater, but it is a master of mechanical manipulation. And the master of mechanical manipulation is undoubtedly Patek Phillipe since 1839.

A Perpetual Calender provides the date, day and month ,while automatically making allowances for the different lengths of months, as well as accounting for leap years. A majority of the Perpetual Calender mechanisms utilize a differential gear mechanism from the hour wheel and this mechanism can comprise of several hundred gears, levers, and other parts. Thus you will notice that the parts listed on a Perpetual Calender Watch is substantially higher than on a regular watch or on watches with other complications.

A Chronograph Complication is currently in hot demand making a Chronograph Watch more desirable than a watch without a chronograph function. The Chronograph watch especially in the world of sports. The 1960's Patek Phillipe is a chronograph making it all the more desirable to collectors.

A Patek Phillipe Luxury Watch holds its value, as it is a known brand, with top sales at auctions, which proves Patek Phillipe has a high resale value. In addition, a Patek Phillipe mechanical luxury watch is timeless and does not bow and scrape to the constraints of technology.

In 2004, a Patek Phillipe Calibre 89 sold at a Sotheby's Geneva Auction for over 6.6 million Swiss francs. Only four Patek Phillipe Calibre 89 watches were produced to mark Pateck Phillipe's 150th anniversary. Crafted in 1989, in 18k gold this 2.4 lb pocket watch contains a total number of 1728 parts and 24 hands. Complications include: Day of the month, Day of the week, 12-hour recorder, Hour of second time zone,moon phase display, winding crown position indicator;century, decade and year displays (I suppose Patek Phillipe expects this watch to last quite a long time), Leap year indicator,Power reserve, month, thermometer,Date of Easter, Time of Sunrise, Equation of Time, Star Chart, Sun Hand, Time of Sunset and split second hand.

In 2002, Patek Phillipe crafted the most complicated watch integrated into a single timepiece -
Sky Moon Tourbillon.

Patek Phillipe is constantly raising the bar of watch craftsmanship, and making possible the seemingly impossible. To purchase an investment, purchase a Patek Phillipe at THE WATCHERYLink


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  2. Great informative post! We are India based manufacturers and suppliers of all type gears offers all over the at competitive rates.