Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Icelandic Watch Company Pays Tribute to its Volcano

JS Watch Co. located in Reykjavik Iceland incorporates its ancient heritage into every timepiece.  Established in 2005 by four passionate watch collectors, JS Watch Co. first collection sprang to life.  The journey to create the first Icelandic Watch Company Collection was preceded by formulation of ideas, collection designs and the strive to create a watch of exceptional quality, which will become heirlooms for the next generations.  This perfection in craftsmanship, designed and assembled by hand in Iceland using only the highest quality Swiss movements and European materials,   has paid off and JS Watch Co has gained global admiration.
JS Watch Co. newest watch model pays tribute to the explosive and quite disruptive (if you recall the cloud of ash saga disrupting air travel in 2010) Eyjafjallajokull. JS Watch Co. introduces The Frisland goð Timepiece sporting a dial created using the ashes from the Eyjafjallajökull eruption.  Fixing volcanic ash on the dial requires some creativity in technique. A clear color is applied to the galvanic black dial, after which volcanic ash is sprinkled onto the clear color whilst it is still wet.  The color and ash is then dried and polished.  The polishing process is undertaken with great care to ensure the texture and properties of the ash prevail. Bold white indexes and a 12 and 6 as well as a bright red “goð” are applied to the dial.  The word “goð” is a reference to history of the People of Icelandic and their smooth conversion to Christianity in 1000 AD.  This was in part to the incredible impression ,the eruptions and rumblings of the earth spewing lava and spurting fiery hot molten rock, had on their decision.

Romain Jerome also paid tribute to Eyjafjallajokul, in its DNA collection.

The Frisland goð Timepiece is an automatic mechanical timepiece powered by a "Execution Top" movement with a 38 hour power reserve.  The watch is equipped with a shock protection Incabloc, which is a trade name for a spring-loaded mounting system for the jewel bearings which support the balance wheel.  This system protects the wheel's pivots from harm if the watch is subjected to sudden sharp movements. The 42mm case is crafted from German grade stainless steel 316L.  The dial is protected by scratch resistant Sapphire Crystal.  Sapphire Crystal covers the case back enabling one to view the intricate workings of the movement. The Rhodium plated hands are covered with luminescent material for time display in dim conditions. The Alligator or Ostrich and Calf Skin strap is closed by a JS Watch co. Reykjavik buckle or optional deployment clasp.

It seems JS Watch Co has taken great strides in ensuring optimum quality, while infusing its collections with a taste of Icelandic Heritage. 

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