Friday, August 19, 2011

Looking Back at The Concept Watch with No Face

Looking very much like a time portal, the M60M has no watch dial to speak of .  All the time display is in the bezel. This awesome concept designed by Roger Kellenberger in 2007 brought the quest for an uncluttered dial to a whole new level.  I wonder what Nathan George Horwitt, creator of the Movado Museum Watch would think of that.  If you are a stickler for punctuality this watch may not be for you, since the steel and rubber M60M only displays time in full hours and full quarter of an hour.  No seconds and no minutes.  So I bet you are wondering where the movement is located.  Well there is only one place it can be located and that is in the bezel. The hour and quarter of an hour markings are fixed on the bezel and a single rotating marker indicates the time.  The watch is precise, to the quarter of an hour. The strap is also pretty cool with a unique closing system which springs open with a touch of a button.  Roger Kellenberger gave no prospective date the watch will be available for purchase, and still four years down the line the M60M still has not made its debut, maybe he is a bit ahead of time since this watch would look great with those intergalactic space suits.

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