Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Cartier ID Two Concept Watch Extreme Innovation

You can look, but you can't have.  Cartier introduced this Concept watch as a sort of icon for innovation in watch making materials, high efficiency,  accuracy, longevity, precision and a 32 day power reserve rather than a product to purchase. The mechanical watch of the future.

This Concept Watch is a Treasure trove of innovative watch concepts which function together in optimal efficiency.

1. Watch Case Material: 

Ceramyst(TM) - i.e. monobloc transparent polycrystalline ceramic - requires exceptional scientific  knowledge to manipulate.  Due to the incredible difficulty of working with this type of ceramic, the Cartier ID Concept watch is the first watch to use this type of case.  The highly brilliant horological team at Cartier Fine Watchmaking created this case in two parts creating an air tight vacuum interior.  The case back  is actually vacuum sealed to the case front To   fused together with the aid of nanoparticles. Nano particles are used around the crown as well. The seamless fluidlike appearance of the case is enhanced by the absence of screws.

2. Vacuum Sealed Inner Chamber.

I asked a  research friend of mine who is familiar with mechanics and such  about the difficulties in sealing the intricate movement within a vacuum.  By the sudden intensity of look accompanied by amazed astonishment it was apparent he was contemplating a mighty complex scenario.  He muttered something about the exorbitant amount of pressure required and the delicacy of the movement and then I am afraid he lost me... I kept nodding in agreement hoping he would not question me as to what was said. I would hate to look ignorant in the face of such brilliance .. or it sounded pretty brilliant anyway.

What is the advantages of placing a movement in a vacuum with 99.5% removal of particles per centimeter? 
The movement especially the escapement is not subjected to friction and thus dramatically increases the energy efficiency of the movement eliminating the need for lubrication.

3. Innovative Movement Materials

Bridges - Titanium bridges treated with DLC - Diamond Like Coating reduces friction; enhances resistance to wear and  increases hardness.

Escapement - Cartier utilizes "Carbon crystal" which requires no adjustment once placed in the case.
Balance Wheel and other components - Carbon Crystal treated with diamond coating to reduce friction and increase durability. 

Mainspring barrel - Amorphous diamond coating further reducing friction between mainspring and barrel.

Mainspring - Fiberglass.  Fiberglass is high in energy conservation, An alloy mainspring will lose 20% of energy in a 24 hour period where as a fiberglass mainspring will lose a mere 1%.
The use of fiberglass improves torque resulting in superior relation between stress and modulus of elasticity.

4. 32 Day Power Reserve 

I have never come across a mechanical watch with a power reserve of more than one month, makes one respect fiber glass a whole lot more.

5. Improvement of Gear Train Efficiency 

 Gear Train enhancements result in an increase in the efficiency of power transferred from escapement to hands.

  I have been talking about the Cartier ID Two Concept Watch quite a bit now... and often the response is....
 "Cartier made this watch?"
This is due to the fact that most people view Cartier as an excellent quality watch brand, but no where near Haute Horology or Horlogical Mechanical Machines.  When one thinks of Cartier, one does not think of tourbillons,  perpetual calenders, minute repeaters, sonneries,  they think of exceptional quality precision timepieces crafted in gold or steel, blued hands, Roman Numerals and perhaps diamonds. They think of wedding or anniversary gifts - a display of love and time.  Although this wonderful perception of Cartier will remain, among high end watch aficionado the perception of Cartier is in the process of change.  A change into the realm of innovative precision timekeeping, cutting edge efficiency, groundbreaking mechanical horological technology and extreme complications.

Fallen in love with this watch? To bad you never going to get your hands on it, but now that Cartier has wet your appetite for its high end energy efficient horological masterpiece, they have unveiled the
Rotonde de Cartier Astrotourbillon Carbon Crystal watch, with some (not all) of the neat Cartier ID two Concepts like the cutting edge Diamaze coating. This beauty has a real neat tourbillon doubling as a seconds hand.  The name is kind of galactic like a planet orbiting the sun. (Astro meaning Star).  Although this watch is available, unlike the Cartier ID Concept, it is limited to 50 pieces.

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