Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Breitling is the Official Timekeeper of Red Bull Air Race World Championships.

In July 2007 Breitling became the Red Bull Air Race's official timekeeper. Breitling is renowned for its watches geared to the World of Flight. Red Bull Air Race World Championships features the best pilots in a competition based on incredible speed, precision maneuvers and skill. The pilots fly in lightweight, agile planes with speeds until 370 kilometers per hour, navigating a low-level aerial track comprised of air-filled pylons. In 2008, Red Bull is amazing thousands of spectators in 9 different cities across the globe. Each Red Bull race is unique with a spectacular back drop whether over a rolling landscape, water,natural wonders, land or in the heart of a city , this new innovative sports will quicken your pulse and raise your head. From, Abu Dhabi to San Diego to Rotterdam, London, Budapest and then onto Porto, Spain TBC and Perth.

All the while flying high with gut wrenching speed and mind blowing precision, pilots are individually timed, having to complete giddy ascents, tight turns and sharp dives through the pylon course , known as air gates. Breitling is timing the competition with definite precision. Breitling not only times the event but exhibits its colors with Nigel Lamb, a British pilot maneuvering his MX2.

The Red Bull Air Competition signifies Breitling's constant commitment to flight.

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