Sunday, August 10, 2008

Tissot is the official timekeeper of Nascar.

On February 15th, 1948, a new era in American Sport was born: Nascar (National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing), the fastest growing sport in America with over 75 million fans. In 2006 Tissot, the 150 year old swiss watchmaker was appointed the role of the official timekeeper of NASCAR and Official Watch of NASCAR.

Tissot introduced an entire collection of watches aptly named "NASCAR". These watches embody NASCAR with their sporty dials and bold colors. These watches represent the world of stock car racing; the revving sound of the engines careening round lap after lap of 500 miles at the Daytona 500, the smell of burning rubber, and the yells of the onlookers. The T-Touch Tissot Watch is one of the most popular models. The case is crafted from Titanium PVD. Its movement is E40.305 quartz. The unique aspect of this watch is in its touch driven technology . By touching on the crown and then on the touch sensitive screen the wearer can activate 8 different functions: An Altimeter in feet and meters; Chronograph -split and add time; Compass, Alarm, Thermometer ( in either Fahrenheit and Centigrade); Barometer; Date and time. The Touch Technology enables incredible ease of use, especially in tough terrains, hostile environments, or in competitive situations associated with the sports. Tissot has succeeded in combining a smooth elegant design with the pulsating energy of the speedway, and cutting-edge technology.

When it comes to racing, timing is everything. Tissot has a long history of timing speedway events like MotoGP and championship cycling. Tissot not only keeps time at the speedway, but also acknowledges the accomplishments of the drivers.

Tissot participated in NASCAR's Victory Lap last November , when NASCAR's top 10 drivers drove their stock cars through New York City's Times Square. After the Victory Lap, at the Hard Rock Café , Tissot awarded the top 10 NASCAR NEXTEL Cup Series drivers each with an engraved PRS516 NASCAR 2007 Limited Edition watch. Jimmie Johnson won ten races in 2007, he is the NEXTEL Cup Series champion for the second year in a row. Tissot started a new tradition by honoring him with a exclusive timepiece from Tissot. Jimmie Johnson was presented with a Bridgeport featuring an 18K Gold bezel, chronograph, and decorated rotor.

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