Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Go for the Gold in Luxury Mens Watches.

He who wears a bold gold luxury watch imparts a sense of style, stature, and self-confidence. Gold has been used in jewelry since man has recorded history, thus it is little wonder why a gold luxury watch is still the preferred choice. Since High Quality Gold Watches are abundant, and span almost every brand, the desire for the perfect gold watch becomes quite a challenge.

1. Know your spending limit. However keep in mind that the watch is an investment to your image. An obviously cheap watch will portray a cheap image. The best way to afford a luxury watch above your means and above your dreams, is to purchase the watch from a reputable Luxury Watch internet site. Your image and your pocket will remain intact.

2. Know yourself. Stand before a mirror fully clad in suit and tie. Envision the perfect watch to complete the look. I have no doubt a watch comes to mind. Now your search begins.

3. Color - Luxury Watches are crafted in its natural color - yellow gold, rose gold or white gold. Blue and green gold does exist; however I have yet to see that hue. Rose gold, gold molten with copper, has gained popularity in recent years. White gold is gold with at least one white metal added such as nickel. Yellow gold is traditional, bold and confident. Rose gold has a distinctive warmer look. White gold is hard core and serious , imparting a sense of power.

4. Brand - See what is the hot brand among your friends and social acquaintances. Individuality is great, but recognized individuality is even better.

5. Style and Display - Square, two-toned, sleek, bulky,boxy, with gems.

6. Mechanical versus Quartz. Mechanical is more expensive. The watch is powered by the mainspring which is either wound by turning the knob or automatically wound by the motion of your hand. Not as accurate as a quartz watch but certainly an investment.

7. Functions - Chronograph: Displaying intervals of time.
Automatic Winding: Mechanical watch which winds by the motion of the hand.

Minute Repeater: Striking Mechanism with hammers and gongs for signaling hours, quarter hours and minutes.
Perpetual Calender: Making allowances for different month lengths and and leap years.

Tachymeter: Provides the speed of a moving object.

Tourbillon - presumably compensates the interference of gravity on a watch.

Water Resistance - Most jewelry watches are resistant to 30 meters. Thus resistant to light splashes of water and rain.

... and many more.

5. Comfort - Unlike your cellphone, your watch hugs your wrist 18 hours a day. Comfort is of utmost important.

6. Do your research. A Luxury Watch is for life.

7. Once you have purchased your watch, constant care is of utmost importance to retain the appearance and the precise functioning of your watch.

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