Wednesday, August 13, 2008

A Luxury Watch in your Jewerly box.

There are many Glittering Luxury Watches that fulfill the role of jewelry. That are jewerly. A prime example is the Joallerie 101 Manchette, a slender watch from Jaeger LeCoultre. Yes Watch! If you look closely, you will see the Joaillerie 101 Manchette with it silver colored dial and sapphire crystal. The watch ,although small, can hold its own, it uses the mechanically wound Jaeger-LeCoultre Calibre 101 movement. The watch is available with either 576 diamonds or 11 onyx cabochons. The price? Jaeger-LeCoutre has not name a price for this watch as of yet. It is popping up in various places as being one of the worlds most expensive watches in the Current Luxury Watch market. However, if this type of watch appeals to you, do not panic.

The Corum Debutante Ladies' Watch is the perfect evening watch for the perfect evening. Its mother of pearl dial shimmers against the elegant diamond encrusted bezel. No other piece of jewelry is required on the wrist wearing this watch. The feature I love about this watch is that it is four watches in one. This watch comes with four alternate stainless steel bangles :diamonds; 74 peridots; 74 blue topaz and 74 pink topaz. So whatever your mood, or the color of your dress; you will have a choice. A Precise quartz movement means that it will run from event to event.

Audemars Piguet Facettes Ladies' Watch is deliciously smothered in 890 diamonds; beneath the diamonds rests 18K white gold. The watch simply breathes elegance and taste. A piece of watch jewelry like this will not go unnoticed. This watch will not take the spotlight away from the wearer, it will add to it.

A watch for a bride. Chopard Casmir Ladies' Watch nestles among luscious creamy pearls. When purchasing this watch, you can be assured, this watch will become a family heirloom to past from mother to daughter. I like this watch as it represents a gentle sense of femininity and elegance.

Rado Esenza for the woman who knows what she wants and means to get it. A serious watch. A Watch with a sharp conrast and stark edges: Black Dial, Diamond Bezel and Black leather strap. This watch is perfect for that formal function one must attend.

Concord Soiree Ladies' Watch is a perfect gift for the dashing fiancée to give to his bride. The shape of the watch and its open bracelet loops, suggest infinity. Infinite is the love of two people who give each other the hand in marriage. Am I going a bit mushy, I suppose I am, but it is the effect this gorgeous watch has on me.

I was about to end my post; however , I felt this posting would not be complete without an Ebel Beluga watch. 18K gold and mother of pearl dial, this luxury watch whispers sensuality.The mother of pearl dial softens the color of gold. The Ebel Beluga watch will suit any women, no matter the age or style. The Ebel Beluga is a watch that can be an integral part of a women's persona, never leaving her wrist. This watch will be the constant piece of jewelry on a womens wrist when no other jewelry is needed.

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