Thursday, August 21, 2008

Tom Brady Limited Edition 800 Series Chronograph by Movado

Tom Brady recently became a Movado Ambassador , joining Movado's already impressive list of talents in the Movado art of the performance campaign new Movado Series 800.

Who is Tom Brady? Tom Brady is a household name in the world of Football. Although he has an impressive list of accomplishments, he is best known as a quarterback for the New England Patriots which he joined in 2000, and has established himself as one of the leading quarterbacks in the NFL today. Tom Brady has led the New England Patriots to the Championships an impressive three times: Super Bowl XXXVI at age 24; Super Bowl XXXXVIII at age 26; and SuperBowl XXXIX at age 27. In addition, he has earned multiple MVP awards.

Now that you know his track record, it is no surprise that Tom Brady is one of the Movado Ambassadors, and has a Sports watch in his name. He knows how to play time and is recognized for his impeccable timing on the field.

The Tom Brady Watch from Movado sports textured dial and an XtremeResin strap, reinforced with Kevlar. This watch is built to withstand the high impact sport of Football. A steel case with a rotating bezel, and Sapphire Crystal case back to ensure the ultimate protection against scratches and blemishes. It is available in black or silver dial with luminescent markings.
The rotor is Custom designed with Tom's #12. Finely crafted Swiss automatic movement with precise chronograph function. The production is limited to 500 pieces world-wide and it costs somewhere in the range of $2,500.00.

In addition Movado has a non-celeb Collection of Series 800 with are available in a wide range of colors.

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