Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Cartier spins watches leaves nothing to the imagination.

Cartier enthralls the world of Horology and Jewerly with its exceptional masterpieces. Cartier has been creating for Kings and Queens, Prince and Princesses, Actors and Actresses, Man and Wife for the last 160 years. Each piece is a fine web of artistry and talent, exciting the brain and pleasuring the mind.

Yes! It is true. I have a favorite within the House of Cartier. It is the Tank Crash Watch from the Cartier Libre Collection available in 18-karat white gold or yellow gold with diamonds, the suggestion of a double bezel is quite dizzying to the eye. My eyes do not know where to look when viewing this watch, it almost seems two watches had a fight with a bottle of crazy glue. This watch is full of mystery and intrigue.

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