Thursday, October 2, 2008

Computer Problems vs A Luxury Mechanical Watch

I have serious computer problems. Serious computer problems. In fact I have to buy an entirely new computer. In addition, I cannot get onto the Internet, the server, my directory, my Email. I cannot do my shopping, my banking. I cannot pay my bills or see to my "second life" I am completely cut-off and disorientated. I feel like I should do an abrupt about face and get on back into bed.

Wait a minute. This is a Luxury Watch Blog. (I am using my friends computer) and come to think of it (I am subjected to a lot of thinking since I have no computer to do the thinking for me), there is nothing more self-sufficient than a Mechanical Watch. A mechanical watch is a tiny island unto itself and aside from the occasional wind or swing of the arm, does not need the outside world. Once a Mechanical Watch is completed, it is complete. No need for additional upgrades or information. As long as the Mechanical Watch is maintained well, it can work forever whatever happens to the world around it. It is its own little perfect world that keeps up with the unrelenting, energetic passage of time. A Mechanical Watch is a wonderful symbiosis of meticulously crafted components that cannot be afflicted by a virus. It is Mechanical, utilizing age old methods of balances, springs, bridges, , pallets, wheels e.t.c.

Now I love my computer. I really really do, and it is seriously useful, but also vulnerable and disposable. Come to think of it like many possessions in our world today. A Mechanical watch is neither vulnerable nor disposable, it is one possession that remains an island unto itself. Once the Luxury Watch has accompanied on many a life's journeys; the watch transforms from a possession to a priceless possession. None of those cool new gadgets can hold a candle to a Luxury Watch. The Luxury Watch will keep on ticking while the cool new gadget is buried beneath safety pins, old bills and 39c stamps. Outdone and forgotten.

Invest in a Luxury Watch. It will be yours forever.

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