Thursday, October 16, 2008

Gerald Genta Ladies Tourbillon

Gerald Genta's luxury watches have always intrigued me. They seem originate from a completely different dimension: retrograde displays, windows with jumping numerals, dials made from unusual materials, dial piercings, bold colors, cleverly printed crystals and "out there" case shapes. Gerald Genta spins its magic. A relatively new blip on the Horology radar, Gerald Genta was only founded in the early 1990's' however Genta (the companies founder, a Genevan with Italian ancestry) had a wealth of experience. He was the creative designer behind many noble brands such as Audemars Piguet, Patek Phillipe, Bulgari and Omega. The current owners of the Watch Company has followed Genta's dynamic and unique style. So it comes as no surprise that it is Gerald Genta who has created a Tourbillon Watch for Women.

Tourbillon's are available for Men's Wrist Watches; however, when it comes to the ladies, a Tourbillon is rare. If there is a Tourbillon for women I have yet to see it ... that is until now. Gerald Genta's Arena Tourbillon Snow White is a watch seeming to appear straight out a fairy tale. The Watches Retrograde numerals shimmer in a sea of pure white complimenting the sparkling diamond bezel and pure white band. To me, the Tourbillon has a certain angelic quality turning this watch into a mesmerizing masterpiece of perfection. In addition this watch has a definite retro look to it. A second counter is located at the 6 o' clock position above the beating tourbillon. The Tourbillon is self-wind and the watch entire has 64 hour power reserve. The case is platinum and the pure snowy strap is crocodile leather.

This watch in all its splendor is available soon... for a price.

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