Wednesday, October 15, 2008

What luxury watch is he wearing?

I have been writing this blog for quite some time now and I cannot control my urge to look at ones wrist watch. Now if the wrist watch belongs to a friend or a business acquaintance, I may ask, providing the circumstance is just right, "Could that be an Ebel Beluga?" As a result of my genuine admiration resonating in my voice, the friend will undoubtedly remove the fine masterpiece from her hand and give it to me for further inspection.
This very scene I just described happened two nights ago. I was seated at a wonderful dinner table and I was savoring tender moist grilled salmon. A stiff uncomfortable gentlemen was seated across from me and I noticed his watch, I squinted (my eyes are not what they used to be),
"Is that an Omega Seamaster?", I said, absolutely unable to contain my excitement. He looked at me with surprise, his gaze immediately softening.
"Yes it is! How do you know?" So then I explained that I blogged and then I explained how I blogged and finally I explained what a "blog" actually was.
"I dive!, " he said.
"You know the Omega Seamaster is a diver's watch. Water resistant to 300 meters, " he said.

He handed me the watch and as I inspected the screw in case back and crown as well as the luminous hand and dial markers, he related to me his numerous diving adventures.

If the watch belongs to a stranger in front of me at a check out line at my local supermarket, extended squinting and sidelong glances may cause the stranger to become quite suspicious of my intentions, resulting in an inevitable confrontation with the store security personnel. So I am forced to control my curiosity and increase my already vast knowledge of luxury watches so that a cursory glance would be sufficient.

The easiest watch collection to recognize from across a room or in an endless "10 items or less" line is the Movado Museum Watches. The dot at the 12 'o'clock is as conspicuous as a full moon above the Sahara Desert.
The Corum bubble watch collections are also highly recognizable with the thick domed sapphire crystals. Chopard's Happy Collections are a treat to spot with gems that glide across the watch face between two layers of sapphire crystal.
Of course the more pricey unique watches are not hard to miss as they shout "Look at me!" Take for example Girard Perregaux's Opera One Minute Repeater Tourbillon with three gold bridges, you may not recognize the type of watch ,being that it is so unique;however, you will recognize this watch as something special, worthy of a complete and utter fixation.

Van Halem

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