Sunday, October 19, 2008

Corum's Admiral's Cup Collection still in the race!

The first luxury watch that ever caught my attention was a Corum Admiral's Cup watch. I remember being almost hypnotized by the nautical colored flags in place of the hour markers. It looked so "United Nations". I still love the look and a Corum Admiral's Cup Watch holds a very special place in my heart, like an old familiar friend. I eagerly anticipate the new Admiral Cup styles Corum releases each year.
Last year the Admiral's Cup Challenge 44 Regatta, a vision in red gold and rubber surfaced. Even though this is an older model than the 2008 Admiral's Cup Tides 48, I have chosen this one because this luxury timepiece is particularly striking. This timepiece is one of the strongest Corum has produced, inspired by the tough sport of sailing.

Corum has fused 18kt red gold with extremely resilient vulcanized rubber and to titanium accomplished using advanced technological methods. This sporty luxury watch boasts the best fully integrated chronograph movement available with a split-second function. With this incredible complication the Regatta can measure simultaneous events that commence at the same time but are of different durations such as in sailing races.
This Admiral's Cup Solid Gold Watch exudes a definite sense of Royalty. With this spectacular timepiece the nautical flags are embossed on the Bezel. The nautical flags seem to flutter in the gentle breeze as their skippers wait to embark on their competitive journey. The bright red second hand imparts a sense of urgency,in anxious anticipation for the race to begin. Having undergone the rigorous testing of the C.O.S.C this watch can proudly bare the label of a Certified Chronometer. This is a highly regarded certification only extended to the very best of movements.

The Admiral's Cup watches are being introduced year after year, growing in popularity. But what happened to the actual Admiral's Cup race? The race has not taken place in five years. It was canceled in 2001, 2005 and 2007. In 2003 the race took place in Australia, but not since then and no word about 2009. The actual Admiral's Cup is an international yachting regatta. It was organized in 1957 by the Royal Ocean Racing Club based at Cowes, on the Isle of Wright in England. It was a biennial event, happening every odd-numbered years. From 1957 to 1999 the cup was competed between national teams, each having three boats. In the beginning only USA and Great Britain took part, but later other countries competed. The race was highly regarded and in 1971, British Prime Minister ,Edward Heath, captained one of the winning boats.

In 2003 the competition was moved from Ireland to Australia for unknown reasons, and instead of being between different countries, it was watered down to a competition between different yacht clubs. Then the Admiral's Cup fizzled until ...

The Admiral's Cup is a truly inspirational race of endurance and strength and I sincerely hope we have not seen the last of the race. Indeed we do have Corum's Admiral Cup Collection which is a constant reminder of the Admiral's Cup race, as well as being an icon of Corum's success in its own right.

By: Van Halem

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