Monday, November 3, 2008

A big win for Tag Heuer Ambassador, Lewis Hamilton.

Tag Heuers's twenty three year old amassador ,Lewis Hamilton, made history on Sunday by becoming Formula One's youngest Champion. It was a tough challenge but Briton's Lewis Hamilton gained enough points, by finishing fifth, at the Brazilian Grand Prix on Sunday to win the title by one point over Felipe Massa. Vodafone Mcfaren Mercedes F1 driver Lewis Hamilton came into the season-ending race with a stong seven point lead, which was enough to beat Brazilian Felipe Massa, who one the final race. The race was hard from the initial driving rain, to the wet road surface to the tough competition, but Hamilton pulled through when he overtook Toyota's Timo Glock on the last lap, and that is what he needed to win the championship with 98 points.

Last year Tag Heuer's Ambassador Kimi Raikkonen narrowly beat Hamilton , but this year the spotlight is on Hamilton.

Tag Heuer is on a role. For two years in a row its Ambassodors have one the highest honor in motor sport.
"Once again, Lewis Hamilton has shown the world what he is made of" said Tag Heuer president and CEO Jean-Christophe Babin. "He is a true champion, one of those rare individuals whose human endeavor makes us marvel, who rise to every occasion and performs at the peak of his potential - even under extreme pressure."

...A fellow guy in Peterborough, England (he has kept his name from the media as he has come into a sudden fortune), forced a major bookmaker to fork over the largest single payout in motor sport betting - 125,000 Pounds. Ten years ago he spotted a 13 year old kid racing against his own son on the go-cart track. Hamilton handled the go-cart with so much talent that this guy went to Ladbrokes, on May 13th, 1998, and placed a 100 pound bet that this kid, Hamilton, would win the F1 championship before his 25th birthday and 50 pounds odds of 1,500-1 for the double. Last year he pocketed 40,000 pounds collecting on a 200 pound wager that Hamilton will win his first Formula One race before he turns 23. With his winnings, this fellow plans to go on vacation to Cuba and buy a Tag Heuer luxury watch engraved with Hamilton's signature on the back.

This guy is lucky and he is buying a Tag Heuer watch. I want a Tag Heuer watch too, and I think I will go for a Formula One. This whole race has gotton me in the mood for motor sports and what better way to be in the mood for motor sports than with a Tag Heuer Formula One Chronograph on my wrist.

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