Thursday, November 13, 2008

The Sophisticated Luxury Watch. The Breitling for Bentley Flying B.

Breitling for Bentley symbolizes a union striving for absolute perfection while embracing the infinity of time.

As I look outside at the parking lot, a row of cars stand shimmering on the asphalt, 3rd from the left, between a Mercedes and a Range Rover, is a Bentley. I catch my breath, I have a weakness for beautiful things. I walk towards it as if drawn by some unknown pull. The Bentley is all there commanding its space. I run my hands along its sleek body, gently feeling the exquisite craftsmanship that created such a masterpiece. Oh! The elegance, the sophistication and the undulating beauty from its warm coffee interior to its elegantly molded grill. As I stand transfixed by the Bentley, I realize I get the same wonder of craftsmanship and precision when looking at a Luxury Watch. In this day and age when computerized machines spit out the most cost effective borderline products - it is thrilling to see a masterpiece that has been given infinite attention and care to detail like the Bentley the Breitling.

Breitling and Bentley share the same endeavor for the utmost perfection, the same high standards for reliability and precision, class and performance. Both Breitling and Bentley use cutting edge technologies to enhance the tradition. The Breitling for Bentley Collection derives from a intense passion for fine mechanisms and aesthetic representation.

Breitling has had a long stead relationship with aeronautics, commercial aviation, and military air travel; however. with this new partnership,which begun five years ago, Breitling gets a feel for the road. In addition to Breitling's Bentley round watches featuring chronographs and characteristics taken from high end luxury automobiles such as the color palette and wood, Breitling has dedicated a Breitling for Bentley with the "winged B". The "winged B" is has served the most sophisticated and prestigious British automobile, the Bentley, for many years Bentley. The Collection is quite aptly named the Flying B.

The Flying B Collection is unique and luxurious for many reasons -

a) This is the first time Breitling has presented a watch that is not round.
b) The Watch case is rectangular and exquisitely cambered to mirror the streamlined shape of a convertible resulting in a sophisticated and elegant design.
c)The display mode of the Breitling Bentley Flying B captured my attention instantaneously out of a huge selection of watches as it has such a unique display mode. The jumping hours at the 12 'o'clock position, a feature I adore on any watches, minutes displayed around the dial, and a deliciously off centered sub dial underneath the 6 'o clock position displays the seconds. Pure brilliance in design.
d) Incredible attention to detail -
  • Knurled motif inspired by Bentley instrumentation
  • Hour markers sculptured from mother-of-pearl.
  • Many variations of color combinations in dial, sub dials, band and molding.
  • The delicately cambered dial profile required remarkable skill and ingenuity.
  • The curving shape of the beveled sapphire crystal is scratch resistant and has been glare proofed on both sides to provide the wearer with utmost performance satisfaction.
e) COSC Chronometer-certified, the movement of the Flying B - Breitling Calibre 28B has undergone rigorous testing. The Flying B is Mechanical self-winding.
The Flying B is available in steel, in a warm red gold version, and in a Series of white gold exuding the image of refined. Engraved on the caseback is the legendary Bentley “Flying B”.

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