Friday, November 14, 2008

Romain Jerome's new luxury watches. See what they are made of this time!

With what material is Romian Jerome's new luxury watches crafted.

Is it...

a) Fragments of the Apollo XI spacecraft
b) Fragments of the Soyuz spacecraft
c) Dials with mineral structure containing Moon dust
d) Fibers from the International Space Station Space Suit
e) All of the above.

You are quite correct if you guessed (e) all of the above, because last night Romaine Jerome in Geneva, Switzerland launched the next in its "DNA of famous legends." series.

You must remember the huge publicity Romaine Jerome received for its first Legend watches crafted from steel and coal dust from the sunken Ocean Liner R.M.S. Titanic.

CEO Yvan Harpa announced the next in the Legend Series during a press conference and gala evening at the Kempinski Hotel. The series is called Moon Dust -DNA. The series will be in Limited Editions of 1969. To commemerate the year man first landed on the moon - 1969.

I have no doubt this series will produce as much publicity as the first, but then again Romain Jerome loves the spotlight.

The Five Watches in the Moon Dust Series are:

1) Moon Rider
2) Gold Mood
3) Dark Side of the Moon
4) Steel Mood
5) Dark side of the Moon Tourbillon

The names of the watches sound more like Sci Fi movies or books and add a sense mystery to the timepiece.

Romain Jerome guarantees that the origin of each and every unique material used in crafting the watches is cerified by a legal document authenticated in Switzerland. In addition, every remarkable Moon Dust timepiece will be accompanied by a certificate from the Association of Space Explorers.

The Moon Dust Series is a giant leap in watch making.

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