Monday, July 13, 2009

Daniel Roth and the Moon!

The marvelous thing about the brand new Athys Moon 2134 is its stamina. The moon phase calender will not need to be adjusted for then next 125 years. One small hitch, the 125 year mark can only be achieved if you remember to wind the watch regularly. The Athys Moon 2134 is a manual wound watch meaning that it has no semi-circular rotor like that of an automatic watch and cannot be wound merely by the swinging motion of ones arm.

The uniqueness of the moon phase complication lies in its Daniel Roth Calibre 2300 (DR2300) which contains a large than normal gear with more teeth. The additional teeth and intricate mechanisms enable precise change of the moon phases for 125 years; although, one may have difficulty proving the longevity of the timepiece.

The Athys Moon 2134 is crafted in either 18k red or white gold. The depiction of the moon on the moon phase disc is strikingly similar to its much larger counterpart. In addition the watch displays the time with a subsidiary seconds dial and a date. The Ellipsocurvex shape of the watch is a signature element of Daniel Roth. The blued steel hands are perfectly tempered to achieve the traditional sky blue color.
It comes at no surprise that Daniel Roth has unveiled such a remarkable feat of engineering, every Daniel Roth timepiece is crafted in its entirety in the Le Sentier workshop, where a team of 30 expert technicians and watchmakers craft a timepiece from an idea to the final product. They can make every possible complication and improve on previous complications. The Athys Moon 2134 took months of meticulous work to create striking watch with a remarkable feature, a feature that will be admired for generations to come.

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