Monday, July 27, 2009

Swarovski Enters a New Dimension

As I mentioned in previous blogs, Swarovski the highly famed crystal company has introduced a line of exceptional watches. Many larger companies begin to manufacture watches in addition to their clothing and jewelry lines; however Swarovski has something new to add to the watch market, its superior knowledge of crystal craftsmanship. The latest in a arresting array of watches is the Oceta Sports Ladies Watch.
The Octea Sports Ladies Watch has a 39mm wide case, which is quite the fashion. The bezel is shimmering with Swarovski faceted crystals lending a light and airy look to the watch. Based on a diver's watch ,complete with a rotating bezel, the Swarovski Octea Sports Ladies Watch, is quite appealing both in look and functionality. The Octea Sports is available in numerous appealing colors such as dark blue, black, pink and magenta. The movement is Swiss Quartz and the watch is available with a rubber or metal bracelet. Priced in $800 range, this watch will looks great in the summer sun.

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