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From Speeding Ticket to Idea. Dunhill's Bobby Finder.

Alfred Dunhill Bobby Finder Men's Automatic Watch Stainless Steel

Take a look at this watch, which bares the name Bobby Finder. Truth be told, this watch hints to an actual incident that happened to Alfred Dunhill, the companies founder. Interested? Well read on.

The Alfred Dunhill, Ltd establishment was founded in Britain in 1893 when Alfred Dunhill took over his father's saddle business and looked to the future. The future beheld great things for the Dunhill Company which is now a global conglomerate. Dunhill saw motor cars as the wave of the future and decided to manufacture motor car accessories. Alfred Dunhill was a brilliant businessman who saw an opportunity and grabbed it by the horns. Car horns to be precise, overcoats and goggles. In 1903 he created the hanging dashboard clock. The Dunhill Company was prolific in unveiling unique and inventive car accessories. In 1937, a key watch was added to the list of car accessories. In the early 1900's, Alfred Dunhill created the Bobby Finder, a cross between motoring goggles and binoculars - able to spot a police from half a mile away even in plain clothes.

I suppose the Bobby finder was a slight jab at the police. Alfred Dunhill loved to speed, and on one fine day in 1903, he was clocked at travelling at a speed of 22.5 miles an hour, far above the lawful speed limit of 12 mph. He was booked, and perhaps while he had a moment to mull over his misfortune and indignation of getting caught, he came up with the Bobby Finder. Hence the name of the Watch. The dial has the outline of motoring goggles, and the bezel is a depiction of a roadway, complete with paving and dashed road line . The sharp white hour markers could be the Bobbys in the distance waiting to write a speeding ticket.
Looking at the Bobby Finder watch one perceives it as quite daring with a suggestion of cool alertness. The soft black calf leather band reminds me of the plush leather seats of a motor car. The watch is automatic so there is no need for batteries. The gentle swinging motion of ones arm will do the trick and power your watch. In addition, the watch is water resistant to 100 meters. A plus when one wants to wear this watch close to water. Summer months are upon us and water sports are so attractive in the midsummer heat. To add to its appeal. the watch is one of only 1500, and so one gets the unique factor as well.

Dunhill also custom made leather jackets for the stylish motorist, which blossomed in the Dunhill clothing line of today, of which Jude Law, an English actor ,is the apparel ambassador. In addition Dunhill carries a large selection of men's jewelry and cuff links, lighters and eye wear, writing instruments and gifts.

Dunhill is now owned by Richemont, and its timepieces are perceived as highly stylish. Currently Dunhill carries six core distinctive models:

1) A-Centric model - very similar to the original hanging dashboard clock with a round face displaying the days of the month and a revolving hand. These watches are automatic with an excellent movement. In 2006, Dunhill unveiled a similar addition to this collection - A-Centric Paragraph sporting five separated hands which revolve around the center of the dial.

2) Carwatch design - Automatic movement, rectangular in design as a two part case. Inspiration for this collection sprang from Edwardian driver's timepieces designed at the very beginning of the motor car era where it was thought that a watch would be easier to read if the dial faced the side of the wrist. All inclusive with this model is a tool kit featuring a spare screws and a screwdriver. The stainless steel band is interchangeable with a leather band for two unique looks.
3) Citytamer- features a rectangular face fashioned in the likeness of a period sports car.
4) Wheel Watches (above image)- the largest of the collections with a 42 mm face.
6) Petrolhead model resembles a fuel gauge and is a chronograph.

Dunhill also crafts unique models such as a vintage design, the Facet 1936 Dunhill and its most exclusive collection of just 250 watches - The Parody Stone. A stone from where Arthur pulled the sword Excalibur.

When one purchases a Dunhill timepiece, one purchases Dunhill style.

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