Thursday, July 30, 2009

Wear your loved one on your watch?

Have you ever heard of a company LifeGem? Iit is a company with quite a unique product. They turn pure carbon derived from the remains of loved ones and turn them into man made diamonds. The concept may sound a little bizarre, but people are buying it.

In fact as reported on LifeGem's website, a lock of hair Micheal Jackson's hair, which was salvaged by his executive producer ,Ralph Cohen, when Jackson's hair became inflamed during a Pepsi commercial, will be transformed into diamonds. John Reznikoff, a highly regarded collector who has hair from Einstein, Lincoln and a host of other famous individuals who have now passed on, and LifeGem are expecting to collect a small fortune for the gems. It is not the first time. LifeGem and Reznikoff joined forces and produced a diamond from Beethoven's locks which fetched Two Hundred Thousand Dollars. Of course they are expecting quite a bit more for a diamond produced from Micheal Jackson's hair. One of the diamond's will be presented to Jackson's family free of charge.

LifeGem had this to say:“We specialize in creating diamonds from locks of hair. Our plan is to give people an opportunity to own a diamond made from Michael Jackson’s DNA,” said Dean VandenBiesen founder of LifeGem. “We are currently evaluating Jackson's hair sample to determine how many diamonds can be created. This will be a limited collection and we anticipate great interest.”
I must say once I got over my initial objections, I found the diamonds to be quite pretty, and the concept intriguing. LifeGem embraces the sensitive issues of loss with compassion. They even have a LifeGem for pets. It seems the website only has diamond rings, but imagine a luxury watch covered with diamonds from a loved one. The timeless factor is endless.

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