Thursday, April 28, 2011

A Cartier Roadster Never Leads One Astray Especially on Ones Wedding Day.

Highly recognizable and well regarded, a Cartier luxury watch stands shoulder to shoulder with high end luxury brands. Among Cartier's impeccable collections is the Roadster Collection. Roadster has a distinctive shape, which compliments the wrist, and a look which never loses its luster. A Roadster is highly versatile due to the wide range of materials and complications available, thus each and every watch is perfectly suited to the wearer, so much so that watch becomes an integral part of the wearer's image.

For example, I have a dear friend who takes much pride in her stainless steel Roadster. She has even developed quite a habit of running her fingers up and down the links of her Roadster's bracelet when slightly agitated. Since she is in the profession where nerves of steel are required, and any display of unease could have unwarranted effects, her only display of emotion are her fingers on her Roadster.

Perusing THE WATCHERY's collection of Cartier Roadster's, I came across quite a number of excellent pieces. Take for example the Roadster Chronograph Automatic. A Watch fit for a Prince on his wedding day. Bracelet and case are crafted from the finest 18k yellow gold and beneath Cartier's Signature Roman Numeral dial, lies an automatic movement, which works in symbiosis with the wearer. With the aid of the gentle swinging motion of the wearers arm, a rotor affixed to the back of the watch, moves back and forth winding the main spring. Impeccable craftsmanship ensures the gear train, balance wheel and escapement progression work with optimum grace to achieve perfection in time keeping. Yes I would say this watch is fit for a Prince on his Wedding Day.

At THE WATCHERY, the Roadster Chronograph is 25% off, and can be yours for just $25,838.

And what of the bride? The beautiful princess bride to be? Can there be a Cartier Roadster to compliment her beauty. Yes there is... with the aid of a crown and bezel just dancing with diamonds.
Elegant and dainty ,the 18k yellow gold case and bracelet, makes the perfect pair.

Oh and what of the maid of honor, what of her? Is there a Roadster for her? Yes indeed there is! The lovely Stainless Steel Cartier Roadster with a feminine pink dial protected by a Scratch Resistant Sapphire Crystal. The flower girls may want one too and the guests will be casting envious eyes at many a wrists.

The best man may want one, and we cannot, must not, leave him out. The Stainless Steel and 18k yellow gold combination is a handsome choice, very handsome indeed.

And the parents of the bride and groom - surely they need a magnificent timepiece for all their hard work. Yes they do ... and there is no better place to find a luxury Cartier timepiece than at THE WATCHERY. Just a click away and the watch of dreams is for keeps.

We wish the Prince and Princess all the happiness in the world.

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