Friday, April 29, 2011

Edox Unveils a Royal Lady Luxury Timepiece

Edox, the first company to introduce a double case back, protective gaskets and seals, now extends a warm welcome to its Royal Lady Luxury Timepiece.

The Royal Lady Luxury Timepiece reminds me of a cool ocean breeze, rippling waves and a blue lagoon that stretches for miles and miles. The bezel is the color of the sky reflecting on water, and the 36mm dial is crafted in mother-of-pearl. Mother of pearl is the smooth interior of mollusk shells, thus the dial of the Edox actually originates from the ocean.

Roman Numerals are engraved in the bezel providing a certain ancient look quite similar to the Corum Romulus Collection.

The Royal Lady Luxury Timepiece is equipped with a Swiss Ronda quartz chronograph movement which ensures maximum timekeeping efficiency and stop watch function. The white rubber strap completes the nautical color scheme and makes this watch an ideal summer companion.

This watch retails for $2,100.00

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