Friday, April 8, 2011

Hublot Dives To New Depths featuring Hublot King Power Diver 4000m Titanium

A new diving watch from Hublot has surfaced. The Hublot King Power 4000m Diver. At first I though I must have unwittingly added a zero to the water resistance, but no this watch can actually accompany a diver down 4000 meters - if a diver is able to plunge to those depths. Last I checked, the deepest SCUBA dive on record is 330 meters performed by French Scuba Diver Pascal Bernabé, while the deepest dive by a Navy diver in Atmospheric Diving System (ADS) suit is 610 meters. To put the depth into context, the wreckage of the titanic is currently resting at 3,795m.
The trend of very deep sea diving watches are becoming all the rage. Hublot's model, limited to 500 pieces, commands a powerful presence. The case is titanium, which is resistant to corrosion by sea water, chlorine and a host other environmental substances. In addition,titanium has one of the highest strength-to-weight ratio. The Hublot King Power 4000m Diver is equipped with a rotating bezel, which can be adjusted via a crown prominently situated above the 2 'o'clock position and protected by a formidable crown lock system. I am not sure if this watch has a helium valve.
This watch is powerful to perceive, and Hublot has gone to great depths to achieve this look.

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  1. I prefer something with a more sleek design, but that is a nice watch.

    - Franklin