Monday, January 28, 2013

Artya Exposes All with the First Ever Watch Themed Watch

Artya never ceases to delight me with an unconventional representations of the watch world.  I will never forget its jab at the extreme lightweightedness watch race with the Worlds heaviest watch or its dinosaur dung depiction.  This time watch components are quite artistically placed on the dial.

I asked Yvan Arpa, what prompted him to create a watch where gears and wheels are presented upon bezel and dial, and he said,"

"I wanted the gears to take over and make more than just making them work the movement,  so I let them invade the dial the bezel."

I like the idea that this is a sort of watch movement invasion, as if the gears and cogs are tired of being cooped up within a case and  invade the dial with unbridled enthusiasm.

Although the gears and cogs and wheels are not in motion, the artistic and calculated placement of every single component on bezel and dial creates an incredible suggestion of the mechanics of a timepiece and the passage of time.

The gears on the outside of the watch hints at a world's first in automatic movement beneath: A triple non- circular gear as the oscillating mass. This innovative feat in mechanical mastery can only be achieved by highly skilled watch makers like Yvan Arpa, the owner of Artya and newly appointed COO of Jacob & Co.

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