Monday, January 14, 2013

SIHH 2013 Cartier d'Art Timepiece Displays Ancient Artistry of the Etruscans

30,000 Square meters of exhibition space holds a mere 16 brands. 12,500 privileged guests - strictly by invitation only- are awarded the opportunity to view the brand's latest models. 1,200 reporters

If you receive such an invitation, you will enjoy an eyeful of unique watches - each brand unveiling unique additions to their collections, whether they leave us breathless with cutting edge technology or wonder struck with techniques uncovered from the cradle of civilization. 

Etruscan Granulation Technique
Cartier d'Art Rotonde de Cartier  timepiece will be be unveiled at the SIHH 2013 baring the face of a its signature Panther on the face of the dial.  The granulation technique is borrowed from exceptional creative and innovative people  of pre-Roman Italy , emerging in Eturia, somewhere between 900 and 500 BCE. The quality of their gold objects were unsurpassed by others of that era.  Artifacts from that time period relay skill of immense proportions, especially in their expertise of gold granulation climaxing in 7th and 6th century BC.
The Etruscans granulation process was arduous and intricate.  The Etruscans began the process by producing tiny gold pellets.  They then used a copper solution combined with vegetable or fish glue diluted with water, which they used to apply the pellets to selected patterns.  Judging from the longevity of these artifacts, the process was quite successful. These artifacts and the granulation process is one of the unique remnants of the Etruscans culture before it was swallowed up by the powerful Roman Empire.
Cartier utilizes much the same process used by the ancient civilization of the Etruscans. They begin with tiny gold balls from threads of gold; cut and heated over a flame. One by one the gold balls are placed and fused to a gold plate creating the ancient granulated effect. Due to the painstaking intricate work involved in creating the timepiece, Cartier has set a limit of 20 pieces for this model. 

Cartier has created a true collectors item.

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