Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The Charm of DeLaneau

DeLaneau is a passionate luxury watch company transforming a timepiece into a piece of art. Established in 1949 in Bienne Switzerland, Delaneau creates rare beauties. DeLaneau is little over half a century old, and thus moved its offices to a location steeped in centuries of watchmaking. Delaneau wanted the best and this historical 18th century residence in the center of Geneva's old town had the best in watchmaking techniques. The best stone setters, engravers, finishers, master goldsmiths and watchmakers as well as fine jewelry craftsman. Delaneau is one of the only companies that boasts an in-house enamel workshop whose superior craftsman have perfected the secrets and mystery surrounding this complicated art form.

Delaneu has focused on Mechanical Watches for women. Since quartz watches flooded the market in the 1970's, mechanical watches were reserved for machine loving men. Women's watches, although smothered in diamonds and gems, mostly kept time with a quartz movement. DeLaneau realizes that a women too can appreciate the deep tradition and brilliant craftsmanship of mechanical movements and thus has created thrilling mechanical movements for women.

The power behind DeLaneau is CEO and artistic director, Christina Wendt-Thevenaz. She is passionate about women's timepieces, and every luxury watch is inspected by Christina before it leaves the door. Christina wants each watch to be a woman's treasured item, a constant companion, that will be on her wrist throughout her life. Only a few hundred pieces are crafted a year, each piece a sculptor, crafted by an expert watchmaker. The collections are quite unique and breathtaking. The Fauna Collection includes a timepiece displaying the bowed head of a white horse, another displays the vivid green of a leopards eye, and yet another the shimmering colors of a butterfly in flight. The Flora Collection contains a timepiece with the enigmatic orchid. The Lotus Collection is my favorite as the timepieces themselves breath the mystic and ancient symbolism of the Lotus Flower. The Tourbillon Collection is truly captivating, defying gravity, not only in function but also in rare beauty. The Angel Heart Collection seems to stem from a place between reality and fantasy. Within these collections are Amazone Timepieces. DeLaneau has created a jumping hours collection which has captivated the World of Horology.

For a moment, if you can look past the dazzling exterior of DeLaneau masterpieces, you would be pleased to know, the movement tracking the time is of superb quality and extreme precision. DeLaneau caters to the individual and if you desire a creation of your own, DeLaneau can provide you with a one-of-a-kind masterpiece.

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