Monday, March 9, 2009

ESQ by Movado

ESQ Aston Men's Watch Stainless Steel Blue Dial

Shortly, Movado Group Inc. will be announcing the new name for ESQ will be “ESQ by Movado”. ESQ Swiss was launched in 1992 as a name brand whose quality watches were affordable and at the same time aesthetically appealing and exceptionally durable. The ESQ watches are made by Movado with cutting edge materials including ceramics and carbon fibre.

The latest ESQ creation, the ESQ Fusion Retrograde Chronograph, is a watch wearers dream. The profile of the watch is fashioned with the majestic curve of a suspension bridge in mind. The case in convex for absolute comfort. The watch is crafted from high tech materials such as carbon fiber, stainless steel, hard rubber and scratch resistant Sapphire crystal. In some models, a ultra light aluminum is integrated in the timepiece. Extra attention has been used in crafting the watch strap which is fashioned from stainless steel with titanium or ceramic. Both materials are highly resilient. A pleasing feature on this watch is three retrograde dials which provide for easy reading. In a retrograde dial, the numbers form a line or in this case a semicircle. In retrograde watches the hand jumps back to the starting point once it has reached the end of the line. The watch is Swiss quartz precise as well as being water resistant. This is a great sporty watch made by Movado Group.

By adding the name Movado to ESQ, ESQ will carry the name of Movado's long history and excellent craftsmanship.

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