Friday, March 27, 2009

Piaget Newest Treasure

The Piaget Emperador Coussin Regulator watch absolutely reeks of sophistication and royalty. Its destiny is most certainly to be worn on the hands of kings and emporers. If you are just starting your voyage into the wonderful world of watches, you may notice this exquisite timepiece is quite different. The large dial has only one hand and displays the minutes, and the sub dial ,situated in the lower portion of the watch, displays the hours. A pie shaped retrograde dial displays the seconds. The difference lies in the fact that this watch is a regulator. In the past a Regulator was a very accurate long case clock, also known as a parent clock, used by watchmakers and observatories to set their watch to time. The regulator was traditionally void of any other complications thereby increasing precision and eliminating confounding factors. The separate hour and minute hands are non-coaxial.
The retrograde seconds counter will count 30 seconds and then swing back and start over. This characteristic adds movement to the watch.
The Paiget Emperador Coussin Regulator encloses its in-house made Calibre 835P hand-wound mechanical movement within a 42.5mm wide 18K rose or white gold case. The movement is a slender 3.92mm and has a power reserve of 65 hours. The dial looks like a velvet cushion on a Victorian chair, available in either royal blue or charcoal gray. The cushion shaped Emperador case is an excellent choice for the housing of the Regulator watch. There is no limit on the production of the Regulators; however, each watch is engraved with the serial number and year of manufacture.

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