Thursday, March 12, 2009

Crown vs Fingernail. Let the battle begin.

There has been a rise in Mechanical Watches for women, like the timepieces which belong to the striking Zenith's El Primero Collection.
Most of the Women's Mechanical Watches are Automatic and thus the watch is powered by the swinging motion of the wearers arm; however, when the watch is not worn the watch is not wound and thus stops. When this occurs the crown needs to be turned in order to adjust the date and time. This is usually no problem unless you have long manicured finger nails. In many instances the nail gets caught between the crown and watch case and breaks. This can occur before a social event where the dazzling watch rests above the wearers hand ending in long shimmering nails. The wearer who is probably doing a million things at once like adjusting the delicate strap on her shoe, and reapplying her lipstick whilst looking for her cellphone, keys and purse will try winding her automatic watch and break a finger nail. This is a potentially devastating occurrence being that perfect nails are a must around the dinner table. To hide the finger with a broken nail whilst one is drinking a long stemmed glass of champagne could prove quite tricky and not to mention most embarrassing, and could potentially ruin an entire evening.
The solution is quite simple ,but rather clever. Ladies watches are most often smaller than the men's timepieces and thus run out of power after just two days of being unworn.
The solution: A watch winder. A watch winder will ensure that when the watch is not worn, the watch winder will move the watch so that the watch will remain powered and time will continue interrupted. However many watch winders are bulky and heavy manufactured for men's automatic timepieces. With the growing demand for women's mechanical timepieces, Orbita Corporation has introduced a watch winder for women. The watch winder is attractive and compact, equipped with two mounting cushions; a standard-size and a more petite version to accommodate smaller watch straps. The mounting and removal of the watches in both these versions are a breeze.

The Sparta Mini series is available with faux lizard covering in a selection of creme, red, blue, pink and white. The watch winder can be plugged into any socket and it keeps the watch in motion by gently moving the watch in a series of arcs, automatically every ten minutes, mimicking the swinging motion of the wearers arm. The winder is of fine quality with no possibility of over winding or damaging the watch mechanism.

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