Friday, March 6, 2009

Just like the legend of the company this JeanRichard women's watch has a magical whimsical air about it. (Click to Read the legend of Daniel JeanRichard) This gorgeous timepiece is the Lady Small Seconds watch. It is part of the JeanRichard Bessel Collection ( "Les Bressels" being the birthplace of Daniel JeanRichard) which was unveiled in 2005. To me the watch conjures up fairies with fragile wings sharing air space with butterflies and fireflies. The image is not far fetched at all, as the dial design is sprinkled with delicate flowers floating in a fairytale mother of pearl grey violet pond. Amongst the flowers is a lotus flower which turns, marking the seconds.

It is no surprise JeanRichard chose the Lotus flower to drift on the pond like dial. The Lotus flower grows in muddy water, its roots embedded the lake bed, and rises above the surface to bloom in all its exquisite splendour. At night the flower closes and sinks underwater, and then at dawn it rises and opens again. There are over 300 types of Lotus Flowers. The lotus is mentioned in ancient writings. In Ancient Asia it was a symbol of purity, its unfolded petals like the expansion of ones soul. Other symbolism of the Lotus flower include the purity of heart and mind and represents long life, health, honor and good luck.

The dial is elegantly framed with a bezel lined with 58 diamonds. An additional 12 demands mark the hours. The date aperture is placed adjacent to the 3 'o'clock and its bold red numerals are immediately visible. The sapphire crystal cabochon only adds to the soft look. The rhodium (an element within the platinum group metals- PGM) plated hands are perfect in shape and shimmer. The scratch resistant Sapphire crystal is quite rounded above the 10.75mm timepiece providing for an appealing accessory on a women's wrist.

The watch may look like a whimsical addition to a fairy tale, but its impeccable craftsmanship, precision and functionality is anything but. This mechanical watch is powered by a JR1000 automatic movement. The alligator strap is available in either black or white with an additional lotus flower motif on the strap deployment

The Lotus Flower has a unique trait, it can regulate its temperature within a narrow range. The watch exudes a sense of magical mystery just like its Lotus.

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