Friday, September 23, 2011

MOMA Designs Watches

Men's Automatic Chronograph Black IP Titanium Case Black Rubber - $2,022.75 (55% off)
I was suitably impressed when I first laid eyes on the MOMA Designs Collections.  As to my nature and my vast knowledge of watch designs, my first reaction is always slightly critical.  What flaw can I see?  Does the watch portray a sense of aesthetic balance?  This watch surpassed my expectations.  All watch designs have a sense of rightness about them - a whole, which is more than the parts of which they are comprised (Gestalt's idea not mine)... and the MOMA Designs Watches sport the entire package - style, efficiency, functionality and supreme precision.
The MOMA watch I have chosen to depict in this blog is powered by the highly efficient Swiss made automatic chronograph ETA Valjoux 7750 Soigne movement - in case you did not know - ETA stands for Elegance, Technology and Accuracy - everything you want from a movement.  The movement is visible via an opening in the dial and and via the scratch resistant Sapphire Crystal Case Back.
A powerful looking watch case with formidable dimensions ensures maximum protection to the movement.  Crafted from black ion plated titanium, the case is highly resilient and corrosion resistant.  In addition, this timepiece is water resistant to 165 feet. which, together with its chronograph function as well as its hand and indices luminescent properties, make this watch an excellent sporting companion. The extra  large rubber strap length of 8.25 inches ensures the watch will fit around many a wrists.
Men's Anniversario Special Edition Automatic Chrono 18k Rose Gold & Black IP Titanium Case Black Rubber - $5,850.00 (55% off)
MOMA Designs Anniversario Special Edition Collection is a Collection with supreme elegance and high efficiency will add class and distinction to any ones image.  A glint of a slim 18k rose gold bezel and matching crown, a peek at the silky smooth black dial with 18k rose gold hands and indices and a long stare at the creamy rubber band only hints at the powerful efficient Swiss made automatic ETA Valjoux 7750 soigne movement that lies beneath. What you may not know is that the watch is water resistant to 330 meters, which makes this watch both elegant and extremely functional around water. The Chronograph complication enables you to determine an interval of time passed between two discrete elapsed time units and a very useful tachymeter is positioned on the inner bezel.  A Tachymeter is a scale which provides the speed of a moving object in conjunction, of course, with the seconds hand. A Tachymeter takes a value determined in less than a minute and converts it into miles per hour.

MOMA watches at the Watchery are reduced in price by as much as 71%.  MOMA Watch Designs make sure the watch you buy is of the highest quality and quality means longevity.  Whether you are a watch collector or looking to find that perfect watch, purchase a MOMA Designs watch and make yourself a deal of a lifetime.

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