Wednesday, November 9, 2011

An AZZARO Timepiece Elegant in Its Own Right

AZZARO watches exude an efficient "I am in control" image. The men's watches have a relaxed formality coupled with a sense of organization.  The dial of the Men's Coastline series (see inset) sports clearly defined hour markers extending towards the center of the dial.  The hour markers portray the divisions of the day in no uncertain terms.  This watch is perfect for he who values time -planning his day hour by hour, but not flustered by the passage of minutes. After all ,most often, creative insight and intense problem solving do not increase at a constant minute by minute rate, but rather encapsulated in a chunk of time where all factors collide in grand comprehension.
AZZARO watches embody the extreme stylish attitude of the company as a whole.  AZZARO is most known for its highly fashionable edgy clothing, stylish shoes,  sensual perfumes, and wristwatches. Started by a talented young Tunision, Loris Azzaro, the company gained  instant fame when the cover of the  December 12th,1968 edition of "Elle" magazine  featured an exquisite ballgown.  1971 marked a relocation of his couture house to 65 Rue de Fouberg, Saint Honore, Paris which was frequented by famous personalities such as  Sophia Loren, Raquel Welch, Romy Schneider.  AZZARO even made stage clothes for Tina Turner. The 1970's was a booming period for AZZARO, even unveiling a collection in recognition of that time period - The "Seventies" Watch. Loris Azzaro's designs frequented the Red Carpet worn by Nicole Kidman, Sharon Stone and Liz Hurley.  Loris Azzaro passed away in 2003, but his legacy lives on in every design. 

AZZARO Sparkling Watch evokes the sensuality of an AZZARO Design.  The rose gold tone bezel and bracelet are designed to accentuate the shape of a woman's wrist.  A dial clad only in hand indicators leave the shimmering mother of pearl dial in full view protected by mineral crystal . Lines etched in the bezel and bracelet reflect light at many angles by adding to the watches joaillerie look without the addition of gems.  Within the stylish case of an AZZARO watch, one will find a highly efficient Swiss Quartz Movement.

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