Friday, November 25, 2011

Breitling Chronospace Breitling Jet Team Limited Edition for the Pilot In You

Sale Price at THE WATCHERY $3,650.00 (31% off)

Take to the skies with a Breitling Chronospace Breitling Jet Team, you will be in good company.  After all the Breitling Jet Team, for who this watch is dedicated, is the largest civilian aerobatic team flying on jets. If you are fortunate enough, you may see the Breitling Sponsored jet team barreling across the sky in seven L-39C Albatross airplanes painted in monochrome black and gray,  equipped with white smoke generators. The pilots are ex French Air Force fighter pilots with the exception of the leader and founder Jacques Bothelin - a civilian aerobatic pilot. The Breitling Jet Team home base is Dijon, France.

Just watching the heart stopping jaw dropping antics of the aerobatic team who reach speeds of 700km/h, one can be assured only the best equipment is used to maximize efficiency, endurance and functionality in extreme conditions.  The best equipment includes one of the latest professional instruments - a Breitling Chronospace Jet Team Limited to 1000 pieces.  The timepiece is clear and handsome depicting upon its 48mm stratus silver dial, one of the L-39C Albatross jets as well as the new Breitling Jet Team logo.  The Chronospace timepiece utilizes cutting edge electronics equipped with a full range of functions designed specifically for the needs of elite pilots like the extreme pilots of the Breitling Jet Team.  
These functions include:
  • 1/100th of a second chronograph with split times
  •  alarm
  • dual timezone display with independent alarm
  • Coordinated Universal Time (UTC)
  • analog and LCD 12/24 hour back lit countdown with a Night Vision Goggles (NVG)-compatible display back lighting system
  • Perpetual Calender which accounts for different month lenghths and leap years.
  • Battery end of life indicator
The watch is powered by a Breitling Caliber 78 SuperQuartz (thermocompensated quartz) Movement.  The  SuperQuartz provides movements ten times that of a standard quartz, and is one of  the only electronic movement able to meet the requirements of the COSC making the timepiece a certified chronometer.

The durable steel case weighs in at 200grams and has a water resistance of 5 bars/50 meters/165 feet. A bidirectional rotating pinion bezel, which is a slide rule. The slide rule is a mechanical calculator pilots use for dead reckoning as well as converting time, distance, speed, and temperature values, compass errors and calculating fuel use. Although GPS eliminates much need for mechanically calculating this information, most aircrafts are equipped with this device for back up purposes. In addition, flight schools require its students to know how to use the slide rule. The circular slide rule is activated by rotating the star shaped bezel.  There are Km/miles/nautical miles conversion scale on inner bezel.
Scratch Resistant sapphire crystal treated with anti-glare on both sides ensures protection to the dial contributing to the maximum read out ability.
A double case back is specially designed with a resonance chamber allowing for amplification of sound signals up to a level  of 90 decibels.
The exquisite hand woven mesh stainless steel aero bracelet - up to 9 inches - adds a rugged elegance to the timepiece.
This watch is available at the WATCHERY for a limited time only. 


  1. I'd never actually been very interested in jet acrobatics, but because it's Breitling I checked YouTube for some videos. Came across the Jet Team video on the official Breitling channel and ... wow. That's impressive.

    As for the watch, it's not my favorite Breitling, but of course that's a subjective matter of taste. :)


  2. I agree with you Nick, this is not my favorite Breitling but it is quite different from the other collections !

  3. Yes, it is.

    And the slide rule is something Breitling has been doing for decades, but every time it's mentioned in an article I always think about how "neat" it is.

    The Cyrus Klepcys is stunning, by the way. First time I'd seen a picture of it.