Tuesday, November 15, 2011

A Taste of Russia in an Unusual Timepiece

Maxim Nazarov Timepiece - Unique

Supremus — 60.03
Internationally acclaimed watch designer and manufacturer  "Maxim Nazarov" wanted an  intriguing redesign of his Supremus timepiece collection (see left inset), as a unique piece.  Something crazy, something that would stand out among the vast ocean of watches.  He turned to Sergey Volkov, a talented watch designer based in the deeply historic town of Uglich, on the banks of the Volga River. The result is magnificent.  The center of the dial is a vortex of swirling mother-of-pearl partially obscured by a yellow gold decorative plate resembling an oscillating weight.  The decorative plate is the signature mark of a Maxim Nazarov Supremus timepiece; however, Sergey Volkov used his amazing talent and expertise to exquisitely  engrave the plate.

  The enigmatic blue hue of the bezel is actually titanium temperature blued. "Cognac" Diamonds on the lugs serve as an arresting contrast to the titanium case within which beats a ВОСТОК 2416 (Vostok) -
Maxim Nazarov Supremus
Precision 24 mm caliber mechanical movement sporting a central second hand, beating at a frequency of 19,800 vph and capable of a power reserve up to 31 hours.  The movement's bridges and dams are coated with nickel or chrome and the screws are coated with either nickel, gold, cobalt or heat blued. 
The decorative plate serves to divide the 24 hour day into 4 equal 6 hour parts.  Reading the time is quite simple utilizing an original oblong blued skeletonized  hand situated in the center of the watch , consisting of two sides of different length which indicates the time on two semicircular scales. The longer side  points to the outer arc baring the numerals from 9 to 12 and the shorter end points to the inner arc baring the numbers from 12 to 6.

Maxim Nazarov has been displaying his extraordinary timepieces in watch shows around the globe.  Most of his watches are limited edition as a result of the painstaking precision applied to,manufacturing the watch and sometimes the watch is limited to but one - like the Unique Piece crafted by the talented Sergey Volkov.                           

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