Monday, November 21, 2011

Luxury Timepiece Means More than Ever

So I have the new iPhone 4S, cool! I can now quell my solitude by speaking to a gadget that actually responds ,somewhat, to my gripes. Next year I will tire of speaking to my 4S, and want the iPhone 5, after all this sweet gadget is almost a  full centimeter longer and probably will make a better conversationalist.
Cutting edge technology stokes the hungry desire for more.  We can never be satisfied - since satisfaction leaves us lugging a huge giant phone sporting a gray and white screen with a pull out antenna or worst we may still have "the beeper."  Finding new movies for that sturdy VHS player is downright impossible and our tape cassette is all 80's.  Thus we must keep up, we have no choice. 
In addition, gadgets make an excellent holiday gift your loved one will enjoy for almost a year... if that.
What?  Want a gift that lasts more than a year?  Maybe ten years or even more.  A gift your loved one will cherish for life - something that does not expire or look immensely outdated a year from now. Something your loved one will grow more and more attached to as the years go by and the world moves on.

Well that something is a mechanical luxury watch.

Patek Phillipe Annual Calender
  • A mechanical luxury watch works on a system which is centuries old.  A luxury watch is immuned to technological advancements.
  • A luxury watch maintains extreme credibility and admiral recognition, especially if it is a Chronometer like a Breitling  or has Geneva Seal like a Vacheron Constantin.
  • Batteries never run dry since automatic watches are powered by the simple act of wearing the watch.  The gentle swinging motion of ones hand while walking will prompt the oscillating weight to swing back and forth thereby transforming ones own energy to wind the watch.
  • One does not have to rely on an outside source of energy, since a luxury watch has the ability to actually store its own energy.  The more energy the watch is capable of storing depends on the power reserve of the watch.  Some watch have a power reserve of a week and some 48 or 72 hours. Some have separate power reserves for the complications and the time keeping.  A power reserve gauge is usually displayed prominently on the dial.
  • Functionally, a luxury watch keeps precision time, and mayhap be a chronograph too.  It may come equipped with a perpetual calender, which accounts for differing lengths of months and leap years too.  Let your grand kids know, since luxury watches are heirlooms, they will need to adjust the perpetual calender in the year 2100.  A Tachymeter scale enables the calculation of the speed of a vehicle.  A minute repeater will sound true and clear  and  wake one up. A sonnerie will chime the hours. A day/night indicator is truly a treasure when the light alludes one and the moon phase complication is an intriguing feature upon the dial. Universal time display keeps one in touch with time zones of great cities far across oceans and dual time zones enables one to keep track of the other important time zone in ones life. In addition, luminescence ensures maximum read out capability in dark dim places. A tourbillon is said to counteract the effects of gravity, and makes for a hypnotizing movement.
  • Luxury watches are water resistant to varying degrees, most often to a depth of 100 meters, but more (up to 4000 meters) for diving watches and less (usually 30-50 meters)  for haute joaillerie watches - ever drop your cellphone in water and stare unhappily at a blank white screen. 
  • The dial of a luxury watch is protected by scratch resistant sapphire crystal, which is harder than almost any material, besides, of course, diamond.  Rado timepieces are crafted from ceramic, which is a watches fountain of youth.  The watch is virtually timeless and ageless looking new year after year.
  • A luxury watch creates an image of success and determination.
  • A luxury watch is an investment.  Ever look at the price a Patek Phillipe fetches at a Sothebys  or Antiquorium Auction. No matter how souped up or apped up ones iPhone is, it depreciates at an alarming rate. 
  • A luxury watch serves as an accessory to ones wardrobe, dressing up or dressing down depending on the nature of the situation.  A fine bejeweled watch dripping with diamonds marks a slender wrist to bare shoulders to cascading black satin gown. A sports watch, large and colorful,  able to bare the brunt of powerful impacts, marks the real sportsmen. A finely crafted 18k red gold case, lugs and bezel affixed to a powerful wrist marks the one who sits at the head of the table leading and deciding. A gentle elegant yellow gold watch resting on a smooth young arm marks the loved one to a matching slightly larger yellow gold watch joined for eternity.
Thus if you are looking for a gift this holiday season, purchase a luxury watch forever


  1. I agree with you on the fact that buying a "luxury" watch can be an investment. But most of the time it is also an act of passion.
    I think that to understand full what you are buying you need to have some knowledge about it, and the more you will understand the product the more you will appreciate it.

  2. I agree Cyrus. With so many watch brands out there one should know what they are buying before they jump in and spend a great load of money.

  3. I also agree with both Cyrus and Van Halem.

  4. Thanks for the amazing info. I find these posts have a lot of material. I can't wait to get a chance to impliment all these great posts. Thank you very much.