Monday, March 19, 2012

Boucheron's Birds Surround Three Gold Bridges

Boucheron Cypris Tourbillon with three Gold Bridges - Baselworld 2012
Boucheron certainly knows how to create exceptional timepieces and Girard-Perregaux is a master in mechanical movements.  This collection is all Boucheron and all Girard-Perregaux. The three gold bridges require no introduction to the world of horology, and is the signature Girard-perregaux movement. Boucheron's obsession with the animal kingdom is quite another story deeming Cartier animal imagery quite tame. Boucheron gathers inspiration from the beauty of nature incorporating animals, from frogs to elephants to hummingbirds, into many of its timepieces.  The result is breathtaking and ingenious.  Precious gems perfectly matched for color and clarity adorn the creations bringing them to life in stone. Often rare gems, sometimes unique to a single geographic location, are used.

The Boucheron Cypris Tourbillon with three gold bridges is one of Boucheron's latest editions to its glittering flock. The elegant head of the bird, so beautiful in nature now has an equally magnificent image set in diamond, sapphire and spinal. The bright orange beak is cut from onyx and coral. Girard Perregaux's three gold bridges with tourbillon power the watch. Each creation took 10 months to complete with a staggering 1300 hours of work.

Boucheron Hera Tourbillon Watch- 2011
The Boucheron Hera Tourbillon Watch displays plumage of fascinating shades of blue achieved with a blue sapphire hue and the intriguing neon blue copper bearing Paraibas tourmalines.  The Paraibas tourmalines is found to date in Brazil, Nigeria and Mozambique.  The dial is framed by a bezel of 53 diamonds from where the exquisite plumage of the white gold bracelet extends.   271 diamonds, 868 blue sapphires, 426 purple sapphires, 310 Paraibas tourmalines and a single blue sapphire cabochon surround the wrist in feathery splendor.  The  Boucheron Hera Tourbillon watch is powered by an automatic mechanical Girard-Perregaux GP 9700.0A movement. The bridges beneath which suspends a tourbillon is surrounded by a plate paved with 160 Paraibas tourmalines and 18 diamonds. The movement beating at rate of 21.600 vph.

Boucheron Ladyhawke Tourbillon-2010

The Boucheron Ladyhawke Tourbillion unveiled in 2010 is my absolute favorite.  The falcon  has a certain raw ferocity about it, which I find quite appealing. 25 carats of 833 multicolored or "dirty diamonds" on white gold create the plumage.  Lifelike talons and a sharped curved beak  guard over the GP movement. A lone ruby red eye glares at trespassers daring them to cross the line. This piece ,capable of sending cold shivers down ones spine, displays a powerful representation of  high end jewelry and watch craftsmanship.

In the past Boucheron has teamed up with MB & F creating quite an interesting timepiece.

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