Friday, March 2, 2012

Frederique Constant and The Double Heart Beat Black Beauty

The Double Heart Beat Black Beauty is an exquisite addition to the Double Heart Beat Collection.  Frederique Constant passionate depiction of two hearts joined and beating is now surrounded by shimmering mother of pearl surrounded by a ring of diamonds.  Unveiled in 1994 when mechanical watches for women were a rarity, Frederique Constant wanted to show the world that its Double Heart Beat Watch was mechanical.   Thus they craft an aperture above the balance wheel which rotates clockwise and counter clockwise upon its axes in a large ruby jewel. The rotation is controlled by the hairspring, which  coils and uncoils unabated.  This is the heart of a mechanical watch framed in the Double Heart Beat by an open heart aperture...  and this heart actually feels for others.  $50 of every Double Heart Beat timepiece sold will be donated to the International Heart Foundation.
  • So far Frederique Constant has donated two checks totaling $125,000 to International Heart Foundation. A charity organization dedicated to diagnose and treat  children with congenital heart disease  in developing countries. 
  • 2009, Frederique Constant supported Paint a Smile - which brought happiness to kids in Beijing Children's Cardiology Department by painting the ward.

  • In 2010, Frederique Constant gave the American Heart Association a $50,000 check.
... and who says a watch with a heart cannot feel compassion.

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  1. That's great about the donations they are making and the watch is more than just a gimmicky heart watch. I like it.

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