Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Hublot Creates a Big Bang at Baselworld worth 5 Million Dollars

Wherever Hublot goes they make a BIG BANG and Baselworld 2012 is no exception.
The current Hublot buzz is due to a 5 Million Dollar Big Bang Hublot Creation (SOLD to the Hour Glass Singapore).
 So let me start by describing the Five Million Dollar Masterpiece (and masterpiece it must be)
A Five Million Dollar Timepiece demands plenty of diamond - and diamonds it has - no less than 1282 diamonds totaling 140 carats. 
 And these diamonds are no ordinary compilation of carbon.  These diamonds were collected from all over the world, matched for color and clarity eliminating any imperfections.  6 Emerald cut diamonds adorn the bracelet.  Each weighing over 3 carats - exceptional in clarity - VVS and color - G. Unlike many diamond encrusted timepieces where it seemed the diamonds an after-thought to increase the worth of the timepiece, the diamond cutters at  Hublot first created the design of the watch and then went searching for the perfect diamonds.

Each diamond was hand selected, sized, if required, and set into the dial, bezel, case and bracelet with painstaking precision required by Hublot's desire to create an "invisible setting".  Although the setting is there, it cannot be seen and thus the entire watch seems as if it is crafted from diamonds. This task demanded 17 people working exclusively for 14 months.  One of whom was a Master- Cutter from New York who worked on the largest diamond.

If you missed viewing the watch in Basel world and cannot make it to Singapore where it will be on display at Hublot boutique in Marina Bay Sands and then at Hublot's section at The Hour Glass boutiques, you can view the watch in this wonderful video by Hublot.

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