Monday, December 29, 2008

2008's Ten Most Everything Watches!

There are quite a few watches that have stuck in my mind as the most memorable watches of 2008.

The Girard Perregaux 24 Hour Shopping Watch has been judged by the Prix Official de la Revue des Montres 2008 in Paris as the most beautiful women's watch of 2008. Prestigous luxury shopping locations are indicated on the watch such as Bond Street, Rodeo Drive and Madison Avenue and Ginza a distinctly exclusive shopping area with astronomical rents in Tokyo. This watch is the companion to the men's 24 Financial which tracks the opening and closing times of the Worlds Financial Market. The Girard Perregaux has a automatic GP033 GO movement which is found in Girard-Perregaux cats eye collection. By adjusting the left crown, the outermost dial ring moves to switch between timezones. The bezel and the dial sports 80 diamonds. Elegant whimsical numbers seem to float on the cloudy surface of the dial, like the view outside a plane window travelling to any one of those shopping destinations.

The Concord C1 Tourbillon Gravity was awarded the title of "Watch Design of the Year." at the Grand Prix de Geneve in November.

Ebel 1911 Perpetual Calender Chronograph the watch that most resembles architecture.

Romaine Jerome's Day and Night Watch only tells one whether it is Day or Night. So in my books this is the most vague watch of 2008.

The Watch comprised of the weirdest materials is: Romaine Jerome's Moon Dust Collection the next in its DNA of famous legends line of Watches. These watches are made out of:
  • Fragments of the Apollo XI spacecraft
  • Fragments of the Soyuz spacecraft
  • Dials with mineral structure containing Moon dust
  • Fibers from the International Space Station Space Suit
As you recall in the last Collection Romain Jerome had crafted watches from remnants of the titanic.

The most diamond studded watch: The Tourbillon Diamants. with 58 carats with 480 baguette diamonds.
I had blogged about Girard-Perregaux Cat's Eye Haute Joaillerie Watch just yesterday but with 394 baguette diamonds and weighing 52 carats slightly less than the Blancpain.

The most Testosterone Charged Watch:
Zenith Defy Extreme Zero G Multi-Dimensional Tourbillon watch. Now don't tell me you don't agree. Be a man and wear your Zenith Defy. Lurk on the edge of danger and defy danger. Grrr!

The most innovative watch of 2008: De Grisogono Meccanico timepiece. This watch may look like it is digital, but in actual fact it is completely mechanical.

The ugliest Watch of 2008: Angular Momentum Oriental BlossomTime Cushion Watch Collection
I hope I have not offended anyone, but really now. This watch reminds me of one of those shower caps one wears when one does not want ones curlers to fall out at night. What is that red dot in the middle again? Looks a bit creepy to me.
Concord Delirium Mini Ladies' Watch 18K Yellow Gold Silver Dial Diamond Bezel

And finally .... Most sorely missed Watch Collection of 2008: Concord Delirium.

Since 1979 Concord Delirium have been gracing the hands of many watch wearers with its ultra thin watch movements. No longer will these watches be featured in advertising campaigns or unveiled at Basel World. However all good things must come to an end.

So many innovative and remarkable timepieces were unveiled in 2008, a year of economic struggle and global financial uncertainty. The timepieces were specs of light in a dark bleak landscape. Hope. Watch Companies have been through tough times and some like Blancpain went into temporary hibernation, but Watch Companies pulled through. And even though the World of Luxury Items is hurting, watch companies continue to produce and to unveil more brilliant, innovative and awe inspiring watches. Each new watch is an island of hope in a sea of despair.

Thank you to all my readers and much success in 2009.

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