Friday, December 12, 2008

Hublot Big Bang.

It was in 1980 when Hublot astounded the horological world by unveiling its first collection with a porthole design attached to an integrated rubber strap. Most luxury watch companies at that time were still solidly attached to gold, steel and leather straps. A rubber strap for luxury was practically unheard of, but hey it worked. The Watch was an instant success. In 2005 Hublot released its earth shattering Big Bang watch. The Big Bang launched Hublot into a new era of success. The rubber strap gives the illusion of going right through the case. Hublot creates watches in two impressive sizes, the 41mm and 44mm. The Hublot materials are quite unusual and similarly cutting edge. Materials such as tungsten, palladium, ceramic, rubber, carbon and titanium. The brand is under the highly competent direction of JeanCleadeBiver. Biver has four C rules which are the basis of his development strategy: Continuity. Concentration. Consistency. Coherence.

There are three up and coming amazing 38mm Hublot's Big Bang for women. Hublot fuses modern materials with ancient diamonds. Gorgeous. Big Bang 38 Gold is rose gold and uses six titanium H shape screws to attach the bezel. The titanium screws portray a suggestion of adventure juxtaposed by two rows of serene sparkling diamonds on the bezel. The Big Bang 38 Portocervo is crafted in rose gold and bears white brilliants on the case as well as the bezel. The strap is white rubber (no surprises there). The dial is white matte, white ceramic insets and rose gold numerals and hand.

The Big Bang St. Moritz is steel with two rows of diamonds on the bezel.

These ladies watches are quite unusual and outrageously beautiful. The fusing of old material with new innovations is part and parcel of Hublot tradition.

Just look at these three watches, aquamarine, orange an purple. The color fusion is unbelievable. I love watches. I know watches, but never before has a set of watches made my blood pump like these three do. The colors are so alive, pulsating with energy, electric. Hublot you are genius. Big bang Carat Collection. Words are just going to seem bla in comparison to the images. So just feast your eyes and let the watches spin you into a world of vivacious color.

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