Thursday, December 25, 2008

Jumping Hours and Retrograde Luxury Watch Time Displays.

Gerald Genta is the master of Retrograde watches. Retrograde readouts display time in an arc usually 180 degrees. When the hand reaches the end of the arc, the hand jumps back to the beginning and starts tracking the time.

Gerald Genta Retro Fantasy Unisex Watch Automatic 18K Yellow Gold Mickey Mother-of-Pearl

This Retro Fantasy is an enjoyable time piece. Mickey's pointed finger displays the retrograde minutes and beside his other hand is the finely gold framed aperture displaying the jumping hours. Gerald Genta utilizes this time display method in many of its collections . This time display is exceptionally easy to read especially for those who have difficulty reading the hands on a traditional watch. The hour is instantaneously bold & visible.

This power driven timepiece looks like a speedometer coupled with a coke can opener, but the entire look is a work of art. This watch is bi-retro as the minutes and the date is retrograde whilst the hours are jumping.
The jumping hour watch is so named as the hour digit jumps into view at a one or two window aperture. Some watches have a hand for the minutes and the jumping hours, some watches have both jumping minutes and jumping hours and many watches have jumping dates.

The jumping hours system works with a rotating disc and has become a popular alternative to time display.
The video below is an excellent example of a jumping hour timepiece with retrograde minute.

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