Monday, December 22, 2008

Baume & Mercier unveils Hampton Magnum XXL

Baume & Mercier has just unveiled its latest Hampton Collection. The Magnum XXL - kind of like here comes the bad boys to liven up your beach party. The Magnum XXL for men is rugged and adventurous. A sporty chronograph watch with an avant-garde design. Square watches are the definite in thing, and Baume & Mercier has just made it easier for you to choose in style. The sleek square bezel is punctuated by four black screws at the four corners of the bezel marking the shape. The watch is square, but the numbers on the dial are within a perfect circle, and within that circle is another with yet another three circular sub dials. The white numbers on the black face lend a sense of galactical mystery to the watch perfectly grounded in a square. The rubber band is extremely comfortable and flexible. Perfect for high energy sports.

The white Magnum XXL is for the ladies. The ladies sitting on white and blue striped beach chairs sipping martinis under huge floppy sunhats and D & G sunglasses, and watching the bad boys of the Hamptons saunter past. Baume & Mercier knows the Hamptons and Baume & Mercier knows what the ladies like. Everything about the ladies watch is sensual from the pure white rubber strap to the gently sloping numerals, to the delicate Phi symbol at the 12 'o clock position.

Every once in a while Baume & Mercier unveils a winner and I think that these two stylish watches may fit the bill.

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