Monday, December 29, 2008

In this economic climate you cannot afford a cheap watch.

It is a challenging uncertain time. The economy is a bit shifty, not someone I would bring home to Mom and Dad. However, unfortunately, the slump is here for a while so we better get used to it... and getting used to may involve some economically friendly habit adjustments. You are in luck,as your habit changing can be incorporated within your New Years Resolutions List without much additional contemplation.

Now we still have three days till New Years and perhaps you have not completed your list. Let me make a suggestion to add to the Lose 20lbs or Get Organized or Find a New Job or Make One Million Dollars.

My suggestion: Purchase a good solid watch.

To expand, a good solid watch will not fail you in times of need. It will not break nor will the hands fall off. When things break they do so at the most inconvenient moments. A fridge will break before a huge party; the car will sputter and cough a black plume of smoke moments before you have to be at your best friends wedding the next town over. Would it not be comforting if you had the guaranteed satisfaction of a consistent dependable bit of machinery that will never let you down, provided you treat it with respect?

Those replica bargain watches sold on a million different websites and in elasticized rows in briefcases on busy street corners, may look the similar in their gilded cases and bits of transparent glass, but are not quite dependable.

If you have just missed your best friends wedding ,thanks to the car, you need security.

Well you may contest, replica watches are cheaper and ,hey, a watch is a watch.

I answer or rather counter question, "Are replica watches cheaper?

And.. Is a watch merely a watch?

To answer my first question. You may not believe it but some replica watches are actually more expensive than the genuine 100% authentic wristwatches.

Secondly, a watch tracks the time. Time never stops, not for an instant and to track it ineffectively is to not track it at all.

An example, you say. How about the Movado Gentry for Ladies. This practical stylish Movado Watch is only $99. A genuine article manufactured with traditional Movado precision and unquestionable style. This Watch will serve you well from year to year. Counting the seconds. Tracking the time. Bringing in the New Year 2009.

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  1. This guy is 100% correct. In times like these a watch is not something you watch to skimp on. The last thing you want to worry about if all goes bad and you lose your job is a broken time piece.