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Movado keeps time since 1881 and now you can own a Movado for just $99.

The mind blowing prices on Movado watches are almost too good to be true. Movado Gentry for him and her for just $99 each. Unbelievable.

Movado Gentry Mens' Watch Stainless Steel Black Dial on Brown Leather Strap 0604992

Movado began ticking in 1881 when Achille Diteshein, a young headstrong entrepreneur of just 19 years old accomplished in a few years what most people only dream of accomplishing in a lifetime, he hired six watchmakers and set up shop in Le Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland. He worked tirelessly to be the best, to invent, to be a step ahead. It is incredible to note, in the first 100 years of existence, Movado registered close to 100 patents. In 1890 Achille's brothers, Leopold and Isadore, "stepped on the band wagon" and joined the company becoming L.A.I Diteshein.
The year 1905 became the pivotal year for the three brothers when the name "MOVADO" was chosen to represent the company. Movado means "always in motion" in Esperanto.

In 1912 the polyplan watch debuted, contoured to follow the curve of the wrist. The watch is elongated and rectangular with a revolutionary movement constructed on three levels. The polyplan would lie forgotten for the next 89 years until 2001 when Movado would release the exquisite Elliptica. The Elliptica is quite unique in that the numbers are along the top and bottom, and only the 3 and 9 are at the sides.

Movado Elliptica Ladies' Watch Stainless Steel White Mother-of-Pearl Dial Diamond Bezel on Lavender Leather Strap

Movado gained worldwide respect and recognition with the introduction of the museum watch. Nathan George Horwitt, a follower of the Bauhaus movement, designed a watch with no ornamentation besides for a gold dot at the 12 o'clock representing the sun at high noon.
In 1959 the "dot at the top watch" was excepted into the Design Collection of the New York Museum of Modern Art becoming known as the "Museum Watch". In 1960 Movado purchases Horwitt's design and begins production of the world famous museum watch. George Horwitt had designed the watch a full 13 years earlier. It single dot seemed quite plain to some. After all with all the great designs out there why would anyone want a dial with a single dot? However Movado was created by little more than a boy who had a vision to the future. Movado recognised the small dot as powerful as the sun itself. To be able to own a Movado for as little as $99 is incredible.Movado Dolca Ladies' Watch Gold Plated Mother-of-Pearl Dial

I simply love the Movado, Dolca. The museum watch bracelet design features cushion-cornered square links with circular center cutouts. The Dolca featured above is a geometric beauty with a distinct retro feel.
Movado Vivo Ladies' Watch Gold Tone Black Dial 0605638

A delicate as tulips whose season is too short, is the Movado Vivo. Aside from the slim bracelet, the beautiful gold tone case that frames the Museum dial is positioned slightly closer to the bottom edge of the case. This feminine round watch gives the illusion that the case is elongated on the top and sides. However the watch is in fact quite round. This little tease gives the watch an alluring sense of captivating mystery adding to its sensual curves.

I have blogged about the Movado SL quite a number of times and in other Movado blogs I frequently feel an irresistible urge to mention Movado SL. Call it a Movado SL addiction. I will get some help for it I promise, but for now I need to blog about the Movado SL so please hear me out. The Movado SL symbolized an entirely new dimension in Movado - the Movado Sport Luxury Timepieces. The Movado SL features an elegant but sporty round case with the loan dot at the 12 o' clock; however while other Movado Musuem watches have a truly loan dot, this dot has quite a bit of company. The dot is carried from the dial onto the center of each segment of the bracelet.

Movado provides one with the distinct satisfaction of owning an article of importance, which keeps perfect time.

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