Wednesday, December 10, 2008

More Cool Gadgety Time Tellers.

Check out this cute Watch. Right now it is just a concept timepiece by designer Lv Zhogfang, but aren't concept items fun? Okay this is how it works, when the watch is still the entire face is covered with randomly moving white blobs.

In other blogs they have been described as "stars", but I think that image is a bit to delicate. Anyway the great thing about this watch is when the wearer shakes his wrist or taps the glass, the balls form the hours and markers, and then display the time. I love this idea although when one is in a time crunch, shaking once wrist or tapping the glass may be a bit of an irritation. All in all this watch will make a great gift. I still do not know why this watch reminds me of a petri dish. Oh Well I am sure it will come to me.

Another watch gadget is this Star Trekky "thingimajig" . The Kisai Tenmetsu displays the time with OLED flashing buttons. Might be hard to make out the time in your local disco. This is how it works and let me know if you think this watch is a yes or a no no. The actual watch is quite resistant as it is made out of aluminium. Its face is comprised of 10 buttons in three colors.

Okay now this is where it gets tricky. Now let me warn you this watch is definitely not for all those Movado lovers out there who like to know the time in one quick glance. This Kisai Tenmetsu is for those who actually would like to calculate the time of day. Kind of like going back in time when astrologers, astronomers and mathematicians pondered the calculation of time.

Okay here it goes: When an individual LED is illuminated, the time is displayed in a 24 hour format. In other words 2:30 pm would be 14:30. Now I hope at this stage of life your addition and multiplication skills are up to par, because if you happen to purchase this watch these skills are required. You need to add and multiply too get the time. Red represents 15 units, amber 5 units and green one unit.

There is an interactive instruction manual that arrives with this watch as the concept is quite challenging.

If you like your entire life around your wrist, check out this movie below. The amount of attachments this Waterproof OLED watch comes with is quite something.

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