Monday, April 30, 2012

The Exotic Dimensions of the 2lmx Timepiece

Now this is a timekeeping machine: Elegant, Exquisite and In your face Excellence.  The watch is a  feat of architectural engineering displaying time in space. The dimensions are not merely the result of unbridled horological passion, but excruciating calculations and planning designed for perfection like a symphony where the rhythm is the result of mathematical precision, and the final product is that of soaring creativity.
This timepiece is a work of art where the artist knows why he created every dimension and component to suit a specific purpose. It is not merely a sculpture where a sudden rush of creativity, of unknown origin, spewed forth to create a shape admired, for unknown reasons, by fans.  Although the 2lmx may evoke an emotional response born from the very depth of the limbic system, a watch aficionado response will be accompanied by a great deal of intellectual admiration.  

This highly futuristic design was born from Arnaud Tellier, a watchmaker and restorer of antique timepieces, who worked for highly regarded auction house ,Antiquorium, after which he worked for Patek Phillipe Museum in Geneva (2000-2011). In the summer of  2011,he decided to forge his own horlogical pathway with the creation of his very own design - the 2lmx. (Source:

 The watch is as far from classical antique timepieces as you can get  - even the name has a distinct sci fi futuristic ring to it.

 Within an eloquent structure crafted from titanium, white gold, platinum or pink gold - take your pick - four barrels - two of which have a barrel within a barrel - display the time as per the 24 hour clock. A vertically mounted tourbillon counteracts the effect of gravity. The complexity of the movement, incorporation of the tourbillon  and  complete exposure of components, place this watch shoulder to shoulder with top tier watch makers and designers. The case is a  framework comprised mainly of Sapphire crystal windows where the constant motion of gears, tourbillon and barrels are in full view - like a modern skyscraper with a facade of windows.

The timepiece is quite large, - 50mm tall and 41 mm wide - but hey if you are wearing this watch - you want notice.  The 2LMX  is hand wound (there are various reasons why watch makers decide to forgo the rotor) and capable of a 120 hour power reserve.

Straps are available in black or white rubber,  alligator leather or regular leather.

I am not sure of the price yet - but since the labor of a single timepiece alone takes over 1000 hours to complete  - and those hours are the hours of a highly skilled watchmaker - it comes at no surprise that the watch will be very pricey and very exclusive.  Only five timepieces baring the mark of 2LMX will be released each year and no two are alike. Case material and dial colors will differ on each unique model.

  Each watch has undergone rigorous quality controls set forth by  2lmx's Charter of Quality requiring much greater standards than those generally required by Swiss manufacturers.  The watches are numbered by 'unique piece 1/1'and Serie 2012.

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