Thursday, April 19, 2012

Top Marques Monaco 2012 Supercars, Luxury Watches and Superboats

If you happen to be in Monaco this evening head down to the Grimaldi Forum for a delightful event filled with visions of luxury supercars, watches and superboats. The 9th Annual Top Marques Monaco 2012 is one of the only prestigious shows to join luxury supercars, watches and superboats.  Of course the idea makes perfect sense, since an arm resting on the steering wheel of a Pagani requires a luxury watch in kind and the same goes for the arm resting on a deck of a Luxury Yacht.  The show runs from April 19th to April 22nd, 2012

Roger Dubuis Pulsion
To accommodate the growing exhibitors of luxury watches, the Top Marques Monaco has increased its watch venue to 2000 square meters at the Espace Diaghilev.
One can delight in a hands on with the new Roger Dubuis Collection including four great models all meeting the new stringent standards required to achieve the Hallmark of Geneve. (read about the new standards here) .
The four models: Pulsion, Velvet, Excalibur and La Monegasque represent the four different worlds: Player, Warrior, Venturer and Diva.
With these models Roger Dubuis is displaying uncanny horological technical advances in mechanics and materials ,such as the super scratch resistant sapphire crystal glass and flying tourbillons, while still upholding the highest quality of traditional watchmaking acquiring both the status of Chronometer and and Hallmark of Geneve.

Fabergé Horlogerie will be on display too - exhibiting the finest of dial artwork comparable to its exquisite Fabergé eggs. The painted art dials and hand-worked guilloché enamel  are reminiscent of the great Romanov palaces and whisper aristocracy and worth. The watches part of the Palais du Temps  Collection  bare names like Alexei Jardin Secret, the Alexei Jardin D’hiver, the Alexei Rotonde, the Alexei Pavillion, the Agathon Palais D’Or and the Anastasia Boudoir, which bring to mind extravagant palace gardens, distinctive Romanov palace architecture and decor and of course, Antastasia Boudoir ,the daughter of Nicholas and Alexandria.

If you lucky you may spot Franck Muller's GIGA Tourbillon. A power house of a watch featuring an expansive 20mm tourbillon and  four large barrels able to store 10 days of power reserve. The skeletonization - a difficult feat in ordinary watches -  displays every component of the movement. Read more about the remarkable movement here.

Top Luxury Brands like CVSTOS, Bakes & Strauss, Longio, Badollet,
Rebellion, Stardust, Baskania and Cresus will be on display as well.

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