Friday, April 20, 2012

Piaget Whimsical Depiction of the Four Seasons

Piaget Limelight Dancing Light Collection is an exquisite depiction of the Four Seasons.  So finely crafted, the timepieces appear to be the work of angels rather than highly talented mortals.

I caught my breath the first time I glanced at these watches mesmerized by the beauty - like a painting by Monet or a symphony by Vivaldi. Both of whom used the four seasons as inspiration for creation.

As the seasons are a constant ebb and flow of change - Piaget's objects of the seasons: butterflies, bees, stalks of wheat, leaves and snowflakes are in constant motion around the analog dial.  The mother-of-pearl  39mm dials becomes a moving work of art achieved by a discreet rotating system.. The watches are powered by a high efficient 56P quartz movement. (I would have loved the watches to be automatic and the rotating dials to act as the rotors)  

The Spring Limelight Dancing Light Model is aflutter with three diamond encrusted and two 18k carat white gold butterflies hovering over the soft pink and green mother-of-pearl petals of blossoms. A 18k white gold case embedded with 128 brilliant cut diamonds weighing in at 1.7 carats  surround the springtime scene.   A pure white watch strap fastened by a buckle set with 15 diamonds secure the watch to wrist.

The 39mm dial of the Summer Limelight Dancing Light shimmers with heat and the drone of bees collecting pollen from bright red flowers amidst stalks of wheat and beneath hazy blue skies. The center dial depicts the sun blazing with 101 brilliant cut diamonds.  72 more diamonds shimmer on an 18k gold case.

Then fall comes and leaves of many colors blow off trees against the fierce backdrop of breathtaking sunsets. Autumn at Piaget is heralded in with leaves of yellow gold and red gold and leaves smothered in diamonds.  The vibrant colors of the violet mother-of-pearl marquetry dial hints at stormy weather and windy nights.  An 18k white gold case set with 126 brilliant cut diamonds quiets the storm.  

And then winter arrives quiet and cold; the sounds of summer, but a memory. Snowflakes fall against a softly swirling blue-gray mother-of-pearl dial.  Piaget's winter Limelight Dancing Light timepiece evokes a calm serenity only afforded by a landscape covered in snow. The 18k white gold case is cast with 72 brilliant cut diamonds like drops of ice. 


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