Monday, January 9, 2012

The Avenger Watch Inspired by 2012 Lamborghini Aventador

The new concept watch by car enthusiast, Marko  Petrovic's is fashioned after Lamborghini’s hypercar, the Aventador LP700-4. It takes little imagination to see The Avenger Vertical Tourbillon Watch bares a striking resemblance to the supercar's engine complete with an engine roll bar.   The obvious likeness from car to watch is the orange and black color combination; however the similarities are more than just skin deep. Marko Petrovic has actually used an intrinsically watch complication, the tourbillon, as a tacit reference to the powerful 6.5 liter V12 engine producing (hold your breath) 690 horsepowerat 8,250 rpm and 509 pound-feet (690 Nm) of torque able to reach 350 km/h. 
Although The Avenger Watch is mimicking the design of 2012 Lamborghini Aventador's engine, the watch itself is a highly complex horological  study into the configuration of  vertical tourbillon. It can be said, the timepiece tames time (and gravity) like the bull tames horses (if you not familiar with the automobile industry, let me add some insight.  The bull = Lamborghini - hence the bull as the company logo and horses = horsepower.  
The Avenger watch is still in the concept phases, thus we don't have more specific details, but the obvious power exuded from the prototype makes the final timepiece a thrilling prospect to anticipate.  As for pricing - I know the 2012 Lamborghini Aventador will cost you around $387,000, as for The Avenger Vertical Tourbillon Watch - we will just have to wait and see. 


  1. Just shows what you can come up with when you have very deep pockets. Very cool thou'

  2. Thanks for sharing this wonderful post with us. I really liked the watch that they design from this concept of this car. Have a great rest of your week and keep up the informative posts.
    Greg Prosmushkin